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Will You Overlook Or Weave The Mess?

Posted: August 1, 2020

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The griefs only accrue, but it’s always up to you…You either overlook & suppress, or simply weave the mess…

Agony, setbacks, disappointments.
Love affairs doomed.
You say,
time heals all wounds.

Does it, really?
Think again.
Maybe it just
lessens the pain.

Scars conceal the sufferings.
Tragic memory only weakens.
Left unattended, the wound
maybe with time, further deepens.

It isn’t red anymore
unlike how once it bled.
But painful memories,
are still stuck in your head.

The griefs only accrue
But it’s always up to you
You either overlook & suppress
Or simply weave the mess.

Picture Credits – Pexels

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