Taking For Granted

I remember one chilly Monday morning,
when my cold and running nose suddenly blew.

My spec’s frame and lenses were on the floor,
Lying separated, due to its broken screw.

Usually my closed eyes would worry about “future”
and care to think about my “present” much less.

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What an amusing irony, that my wide open eyes,
suffer from high degree myopia, the near nearsightedness.

Bearing my tiny eyes all naked and strained,
I could not pay attention to my hectic office work.

Not able to analyse the world around me,
my mind just got totally berserk.

After struggling like hell throughout my day
even after increasing my computer screen’s font,

My poor nude eyes were loudly screaming,
“Somebody here please, help me abscond”.

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After very long, I was happy to see the evening.
It was time to go home after giving a tough fight

But I soon changed my mind while I was crossing the roads,
as all that I could see, was ‘disco lights’.

But then somehow I managed to reach my ola cab,
and took a long breath after such horrific situation.

I waited no more and asked the cab driver,
to just rush towards the nearest optician.

Well even after having my brand new glasses
for my innocent eyes that are myopic,

I realize that I still fail to see a society
whose vision I wished to be utopic.

I also realize, how my eyes felt helpless.
And how I had to deal with a highly crazed mind.

It didn’t take much time to sit and ponder
on what happens to someone who’s all blind.

My heart is overwhelmed with immense thankfulness,
while I look around through my wet eyelashes.

I promise to myself that I’ll take good care this time,
of my always “taken for granted” power glasses.

What we are taking for granted, might eventually be taken away

We often tend to take for granted the very things that deserve our gratitude the most. And its about both people and possession. Sometimes we need to not count them out but appreciate their presence in our lives.

Its a huge tendency of mine and almost every human being, to not realize how vital somethings are, because they seem too trivial or they have become routine. This often happens in relationships, when you become complacent with your partner and you eventually fall into this trap. And then you fail to realize their true value followed by deciding to call it quits.

Think of it- may be you get bored of your monotonous life, but that doesn’t mean you should get rid of it. Should you?
“It just doesn’t seem wise to lose something you have for something you think you want.”

I have learnt that, just because something becomes repetitive, doesn’t mean it needs to be replaced. May be, what you have now was once everything you strove to achieve.

I have learnt to be thankful and appreciative

Taking someone for granted reduces the insane efforts they make just to see you happy. If you could just recognize their efforts and thank them for everything they do for you, they would love to do it more, because everyone appreciates knowing they’re appreciated!

I have learnt from people who are happier with less than what I have

“The grass is always greener on the other side.”

I often wonder that if more people thought about this quote, may be the world wouldn’t be as materialistic as it is right now! Because if they could also just think of how brown another side is, I’m sure they would be able to value the less green that they have been gifted with.

I have learnt to enjoy the moment

Sometimes I am so busy with my work, hobbies and problems that I don’t focus on people who are right in front of me. When I look back on these moments, I regret not being in the moment and enjoying time with my loved ones. So I have learnt to just be in the moment and enjoy it to the fullest.

I have learnt to also learn from little things in life, even if it is my broken spectacles. But have you? Then go ahead, call your mom, dad, or someone else you love. Tell them how much love you carry for them and thank them for everything they do for you. 🙂

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