Khoobi Gangdev Shah

I am a writer and run my own content writing firm based out of my home town. Writing has always been my biggest passion, but reading and drinking coffee come a close second and third.

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A Day In The Life Of A Proud Stay At Home Father

Abhay was flabbergasted. He took a deep breath and countered that if Dhairya was a boy being a boy, Amruta was a girl being a girl and she would continue to act the same way Dhairya did.

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What Did Maya Want – Makeup For ‘Looking Groomed’, Or For Her Own Feel Good Factor?

“When I was young, you thought I didn’t understand anything. But I remember your lessons. You always told me to do things for myself, without caring about anyone else’s opinion."

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Why Should Returning To India After A US Education Mean I’m Not Serious About My Career?

She came back to India after an education in the US, for her career, and while people were surprised, she was sure of her decision.

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The Testaments
The Testaments: Why Do Margaret Atwood’s Words Have Such A Profound Impact On Us Today?

The much awaited sequel to Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale came out last week, The Testaments. Why is this book so relevant today?

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We’re (Not) Banking On A Woman’s Business Plan

She wanted to yell, “I am not even engaged yet and I have zero interest in any kind of romance.” But this would have fallen on deaf ears.

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On That Windy, Rainy, Overcast Day, She Had Finally Had Enough

She wasn’t quite aware of this shift yet. No one told her to make this change, but she did, even though she wasn’t told to.

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