Why Should Returning To India After A US Education Mean I’m Not Serious About My Career?

She came back to India after an education in the US, for her career, and while people were surprised, she was sure of her decision.

She came back to India after an education in the US, for her career, and while people were surprised, she was sure of her decision.

At 18, I was quite adamant that I wanted to study Psychology in America. This ongoing debate in the house had gone through numerous phases, where we considered and reconsidered this decision multiple times.

“There are amazing colleges in India too, why go to America?” was the one question that was repeated by everyone we talked to. A majority of the people often advised my parents against it, saying why would you send such a young girl alone to study abroad? The what-ifs were never-ending. People would also say that I should go for my master’s when I was older and more mature. But who knew what would happen in the future?

However, I was lucky enough to have the support of my parents, who asked me a few times if I was sure about this decision. And when I said I was, they offered me their unequivocal support. I have no regrets about going to America to do my bachelor’s. I have no regrets about traveling to a foreign country alone to study in a foreign environment that was completely new to me.

A complete transformation

As a child, I was shy. I wouldn’t even be able to place an order when we went out to eat in a restaurant. The 5 years I spent in America transformed me completely. I came out of my shell, learned to initiate conversations with strangers, learned how to finally place an order at a restaurant, and much more. I have no regrets that I spent 5 years in America, learning how to become the person I am today and finding a profession that I love. It was during my time in college that I was able to find that my interest lay Marketing, which led me to Advertising and then copywriting.

Today, I have made writing my career and I truly believe I wouldn’t have been able to come to this career path without the experiences I had in America. This is not to say India doesn’t have fantastic colleges. However, what I was seeking in my college education was the flexibility to explore.

It is not just this phase that I have no regrets about. After almost 5 years in America, I was at a crossroads. Should I come back? Should I apply for a master’s program? Should I turn to IT and have someone sponsor my visa?

No regrets that I came back home

I eventually ended up returning home and I have no regrets about that. Ask a normal person and they will tell you this is a foolish decision. America is the land of opportunities. However, for me, America was just a place to study, but it was never home. Home is where my family is and it is also one of the few reasons I chose to return home.

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The other reason being the approaching date of my visa completion. While many people would hide the reason they returned, I am ok with admitting that my visa was running out, I did not have a sponsor and neither was I going to get a sponsor for my work visa. I chose to return to come back to an environment where I felt at home.

When I came back, people were surprised!

“Will you be able to adjust here?”

“Will you like the lifestyle here”

“Will you be able to do anything with your education?”

“What will you do? Get married and waste your education?”

I come from a small town but this is where home is. What was there to adjust in a place where you had already spent a majority of your life in? I grew up here, so I couldn’t understand the questions about adjusting to life at home. Sure I missed my life there, but I missed my family a lot more. And I have no regrets in admitting that I wanted to live around my family, to work around them and to spend my life around them.

The decisions I made after high school made me the person I am today. My decisions are my own, and good or bad, advantageous or disadvantageous, fruitful or not, they are mine to make and mine to live with. And I want to continue living a life where I can make my own decisions, without any regrets but with the strength to live with whatever consequences result from those decisions. But up until now, I have no regrets.

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