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And Then, Sita Started A Live Instagram Session Of Her Apaharan… Wait, What!

An impatient Sita reminds Laxman of the CCTV in their hut. And how he could still watch her while gone. Laxman still draws a line for the visibility factor.

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Dear Simran, I Loved You With Your Flaws And All…Here’s Why | Simran Movie Review

Caught Simran yet? Kangana Ranaut pulls off a wonderfully flawed protagonist - yes, women are allowed to be real human beings too.

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when she met her
When ‘She’ Met ‘Her’ {#ShortStory]

The wife, had peeked out then, along with the toddler sitting on her lap, to look at the woman for whom her husband had to leave her side in a strange crowd.

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Being Woman: The One Crime This 19 y.o Mother In Delhi Was Guilty Of

Sexual harassment and abuse is so common that it seems to be the penalty for being woman in a world which refuses to value women.

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