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Dear Simran, I Loved You With Your Flaws And All…Here’s Why | Simran Movie Review

Posted: September 19, 2017

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Caught Simran yet? Kangana Ranaut pulls off a wonderfully flawed protagonist – yes, women are allowed to be real human beings too.

Dear Simran, Praful and Kangana*,

Thank you so much, for inviting us into those past few months of your life in Atlanta. We had a fabulous time.

Yes, we know. You are on the wrong side of everything ‘important’, isn’t it.

Marriageable age, limits of law and ‘real character flaws’.

Well, we want you to know, that we loved you, just the same. We adored you for those very quirky ways.

Your zest for life and your fighting spirit was so refreshing and unbelievable to see in a Bollywood heroine that even in the handful of frames in which you were not there onscreen, we missed you, sorely.

We haven’t seen a ‘filmy heroine’ do the things you did, you see. A heroine who shed her vain ideology of ‘femininity’ to ‘be human’ first and then be so hopelessly realistic that we squirm in our seats with uneasy recognition of similar snippets from our own damned lives.

We have all lived with one or more of those ‘diseases’ at some point of our lives, haven’t we? ‘Publicly’ broken relationships, merciless societal reminders, utter lack of privacy in Indian families, the trauma of living with a frustrated chauvinistic father, pathetic pervert bosses at work and of course, moments of ourselves falling prey to our own emotional vulnerabilities.

In you, we see us, some as a whole, some in pieces.

Because like you, aren’t we all, broken in some way or the other?

Fighting a battle so hard, to assemble our shattered pieces and present to the world a beautiful kaleidoscope instead?

So when a sister trades your faith, you stumble to gamble and we nod in agreement. When a father torments your very existence, you become desperate, for money and freedom and cross the ‘line of control’. We empathize, fully.

Life is indeed, a struggle, even abroad.

And a woman’s life is not very different, even abroad.

So you fight as a person, clawing out strength from the vast reservoir of good intentions at your heart. Because feminine power is not about smoking a cigarette without a cough or drinking a beer with élan. It comes from a feeling of wholeness within. The feeling of completeness, which the only ‘man’ in your life, Sameer rightly acknowledges and envies in you.

So thank you again, for showing us a slice of your realistic life of depressing troubles in which you powerfully choose, to live happily after.

Hope to see you again

(probably at the next National Awards),


P.S: Curious to see more of you in a sequel!

*Kangana plays Praful a.k.a Simran in the movie.

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