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Tawang Sightseeing: How Did I Plan My Trip?
Tawang Sightseeing: How Did I Plan My Trip?

Tawang sightseeing: executing a trip is not easy, as it takes a lot of time because of connectivity issues. Finally, my dream came true.

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Why Director K.Balachander And The Movie Avargal Is A Reason I Am A Feminist

Director K Balachander with his movies and the independent women with agency over things irrespective of the situation they are in, are why I am a feminist!

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Marriage Is Not JUST About ‘Adjusting,’ It Is Also About Answering Some Difficult Questions

The dynamics of each relationship are different. So questioning our choices about other people, even questioning it with our own past selves, is useless.

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Dear Men, We Know It’s Really, Really Difficult…

Men often face jeering or even anger from family, friends, society - when they share women's chores and support them in their fight for feminism. But isn't it worth it?

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My Visit To Hampi

Reading the entire history of the place helps us to appreciate the places more.

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