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Jeydevi Venkataraman

Voice of Jeydevi Venkataraman

Addiction To Gadgets? Maybe We Should Be Limiting The Use Of These ‘Digital Babysitters’

Parents often let gadgets act as babysitters, and as a result, many children suffer from an addiction to gadgets. Maybe we should be limiting the use of gadgets by kids?

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Happy Father’s Day To My Husband: This Is Why

A wife fondly wishes a very happy father's day to her husband. And she has great reasons to wish him so- for the wonderful father he is!

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what to do in Madurai
What To Do In Madurai: 5 Fun Ideas Beyond Temple Hopping

Considering a trip to Madurai, the home of the renowned Meenakshi temple? Here’s what to do in Madurai, besides temple hopping.

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Until When Do We Need An International Women’s Day?

We all love a little attention; especially the ones that come our way on March 8th. But, do we really need an international women's day? Why?

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Marriage Pushes Friendships Out: Can We Do Something About It?

Marriages pushes friendships out of women's lives often - and while there are real reasons for it, we need to cherish our friends.

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