Happy Father’s Day To My Husband: This Is Why

Posted: July 3, 2015

A  wife fondly wishes her husband, a very happy father’s day. And she has great reasons to wish him so- for the wonderful father he is!

I feel so lucky to be married to a man who plays such an active role in our kids lives. The transition from couples to parents seemed terrific for us. I wondered what kind of mother I would be? What kind of a father he would be? Were we really ready?. Ready or not, the baby was coming!

Once we became parents, we realized how heightened responsibility would be. And it was there, I truly began to feel the kind of father I have given to my kids.

He is funny. My husband plays the fool whenever there is the slightest possibility of having a laugh. Sing, dance, make funny faces, you name it! He is up for doing whatever to earn a giggle. When tensions run high and I am at my wits end, it’s often his humour with the kids that makes me calm down and save my sanity!

From broken toys to broken feelings, he’s a natural at curing whatever it is for me and our kids.

I rely on him not only to assist our kids in their understanding but to make it fun too. From broken toys to broken feelings, he’s a natural at curing whatever it is for me and our kids. From changing diapers, warming bottles, giving baths, combing hair, showering them with hugs and kisses- he does it all.

Finally, I love him more as a dad than a husband ( in fact am bit jealous of it too!)No one can make my children laugh like he can. Even if I try as much as I can, the best belly laughs are always for DAD.

Nothing binds us like children do. Parenthood bonds are stronger than marriage vows. Here is  why I love him even more after our kids came.

  • He is the man I want my son to be.
  • He is the man my daughter will compare others to. She may not know it yet, but someday, she will search for a man who will love her as much as him.
  • He understands what pregnancies have made to my body and health. And that makes me feel more beautiful in his eyes.
  • He has given me a world. A world which revolves around the three best gifts. And for that, I will always love him.

Happy Father’s day to the most loving, handsome dad!

We love you.

Father and children image courtesy Shutterstock

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