Jessica Shah

Jessica Shah is a freelance writer who always had a strong enthusiasm for being able to influence the masses by becoming a voice. She is a Feminist who hereby , strives to generate equality , upliftment and overall growth of the women in the society.

Voice of Jessica Shah

Why Do Some Middle Aged Women Try So Hard To Put Down Other Women?

These women are often a victim of early marriage, abuse, financial dependence on spouse, or of domestic violence, with no real power.

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What is the reason behind toxic body shaming culture in India?
What Is The Reason Behind Toxic Body Shaming Culture In India?

Bodyshaming is a phenomenon where people comment negatively on others’ appearance or body size. This practice is harmful and can cause severe mental and emotional trauma and lead to eating disorders, depression, and other mental health problems. In India, body shaming is widespread and is affecting people of all ages, genders, classes, and cultures. Women […]

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Let\'s Discuss The Ever-Changing Identity Of Women In Co- Relation To Marriage In India
How Indian Women Are Raised To Be The Perfect Wife And DIL…!

No matter how educated or qualified a girl may become in India, it's always compared with her ability to support and confide in her husband and become a dedicated wife and mother, (even if she don't want to embrace motherhood).

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