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How Indian Women Are Raised To Be The Perfect Wife And DIL…!

No matter how educated or qualified a girl may become in India, it's always compared with her ability to support and confide in her husband and become a dedicated wife and mother, (even if she don't want to embrace motherhood).

It is often discussed as an absolute fact that women in India are deeply committed to working for the survival and growth of their families; 80% of them agree to compromise their identity for their family, partner or society. This despite the fact that almost 60% women think that their identity should be defined by themselves.

Women’s minds are often shaped in a certain way from childhood

They are religiously reminded about their ‘Apna Ghar’ and how one day they will leave onto the new journey of their married life. No matter how educated or qualified a girl may become in India, it’s always compared with her ability to confide in her husband and become a dedicated mother, (even if she don’t want to embrace motherhood) to be precise.

It all starts with subtle reminders about not playing outside as it may get you tanned, or how you should not be too opinionated and aware of your rights.

Soon the few amicable qualities you have acquired before getting married come to a painful end. That’s because when you get married, you’re not treated as a human but rather a robot to agree to everyone’s wishes, dress in a traditional way and get ready to conceive babies after one. Once she has kids, life becomes tough with other responsibilities, often taking its toll on a woman, she’ll be tired, ratty and not be able to get time for herself. She may gain weight, not dress as nicely as she once did etc.

Toxic expectations

They expect you to compromise with the societal norms and adjust with each and every member of the family, pleasing them, seeking validation from them and make it a goal to become a perfect daughter in law. I don’t want to sound like a pessimist I have never seen any toxic mother in law magically revolving into rather a loving one.

Sadly, It is the plight of thousands of daughters-in-laws in India is woeful to describe at the least. Persistently, We often get to hear cases of financial, physical, and psychological abuse of them in a country that otherwise boasts of providing constitutional equality to each citizen.

The role of a woman in India often limited to being somebody’s wife, mother, daughter-in-law, or sister. I hope it soon tarnishes this sick belief in the coming few years and hopefully, our generation shall be the one to heal the on-going battle.


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Jessica Shah is a 20 year old writer who always had a strong enthusiasm for being able to influence the masses by becoming a voice. She is a Feminist who hereby , strives to generate equality , read more...

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