Indu Grover

My name is Indu. I am a computer engineer by profession and qualification. I am also a very analytical person and have interests in analyzing the things from a different perspective which convince me to pen down my ideas. I have lived in Canada for over 5 years and in Switzerland for over 3 years. Currently, I am living in the USA. I have also traveled widely, this extensive exposure to different cultures, religions and social values gives me an extra edge to see the things differently and compare them.

Voice of Indu Grover

Am I Really Ma Durga Or A Victim Of Not-So-Obvious Impostor Syndrome

Do we feel self-doubt when we don't accomplish anything or we are really challenging ourselves just to prove our self-worth or we are challenging ourselves just to make us feel that we belong here?

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I’m Not A Failure Just ‘Coz I’m A Stay-at-home Woman Who Likes To Read Good Books!

For stay-at-home women, there is judgement when it comes to everything. But break these shackles! Read what you want, watch what you choose. It's your life, after all. 

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Life Is Way Deeper Than We Perceive On Surface : Respect Life, Save life!

People have become so mechanical that emotions have taken the back seat or I may say that emotions are at the verge of extinction.

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