Gunjan Pant

Published short story writer-Feature Writer-Blogger-Author-Mother-Human-Work in Progress!! Gunjan Pant believes she learns her lessons mainly from travelling across India & the world, and by interacting with interesting people she meets along the way. For the rest, she’s a University Topper in Communication & Journalism that landed her fun stints at The Times of India, The Hindustan Times, Career Launcher, Centre for Science and Environment, Bangkok Prep International Thailand, Oasis Egypt & BCA Chronicle Cairo. Every once in a while she keys in her thoughts at Redomania, Momspresso, Women's Web, Shethepeople and She's also just come out with her very first published short story "Nannhi Munni" in the anthology Escape Velocity. Her motto: Normal is Boring!

Voice of Gunjan Pant

7 Sacred Commandments for The MIL, From The Heart Of Every DIL

We all wish to have a life full of light, love and laughter. For the majority of us, all of that is dependent to quite an extent on the proverbial 'dreaded' and sometimes true-to-form 'dreadful' MIL!

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It’s Quite Alright (And Liberating Too) To Have Crushes At 40 – Here’s My List!

40s is the new 20s they say, and rightly so. Age is merely a number and even at 40, having crushes feels liberating and is like a therapy to your soul. 

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From Mommy Duty To Me Time Now, I’m Enjoying The Journey As It Unfolds

A mom speaks about taking charge of her life and finding newer interests and reviving the old ones, as her kids grow up and she has more time for herself.

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A Housewife’s Best Buddies!

Introducing my "other" set of pals who don't judge me, are ALWAYS there for me, never question me and are completely at ease with my craziness!!!!

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I Am Thrilled That The Maid Is AWOL!

One day without her is FUN, two days..not so much. For then reality hits you, and hard.

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Back Off. Just Leave Me Alone. Period!

Periods. I think we owe ourselves the time and comfort of not being bothered by others when our hormonal swings are murder. Don't you think so?

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