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Gnanapriya is a Bangalore based Banker, a passionate feminist with a keen interest in philosophy, travel, conversations and forming new connections.

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National Award Winner Nathicharami Explores A Woman’s Desires In A Yet Unexplored Manner

What happens when a young widow embarks on a journey to satisfy herself? Nathicharami as a movie explores exactly that and comes out with flying colours!

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c/o kancharapalem
C/o Kancharapalem: 4 Love Stories To Warm Your Heart

Running four parallel love stories, C/o Kancharapalem has all the elements to make a heart-warming love story. Here's why you should go watch this movie

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Judgementall Hai Kya Is A Nuanced Portrayal Of A Woman With A Mental Illness

Judgementall Hai Kya was released amidst a lot of controversy. However, the plot of movie keeps you more on the edge of your seat than the controversy did!

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Most Women On Screen Are A Man’s Idea Of A Woman: Actor-Poet Andrea Jeremiah Shares

Actor, Singer, Poet – the multi-faceted Andrea Jeremiah discusses the social responsibility of cinema, how she chooses her roles, and her struggle with patriarchy in the film industry, in an interview at the recently held Bangalore Poetry Festival.

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Nupur Talwar
Despite Personal Tragedy, Aarushi’s Mother Nupur Talwar Still Remains The Warm Person She Is

I recently went on a trip with Nupur Talwar, mother of Aarushi Talwar, who was murdered almost a decade ago. Despite their horrific journey since then, she has retained her warmth and generous nature. An inspiration.

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Mahanati: This New Biopic On Yesteryears Star Savithri Will Touch You

Mahanati is a realistic depiction of Savithri's life and does not fail to enthrall the audience. This review examines what makes Mahanati tick.

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