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An avid Reader,a wanderlust junkie,an ardent foodie and a rare breed of soul with a Versatile Persona,earnestly believing and Practicing one funda of life "live and let live".

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Don’t Let “Phubbing” Crumble Your Very Existence !

Technically the Word Phubbing has its origin dating back to the year 2012. It is a combination of two words “Phone” and “Snubbing”  and by way of definition it implies, “The Act of snubbing someone in a social setting by paying attention to the phone rather than the person”. We are no strangers to this […]

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Why Feminism And Chauvinism Need Not Be Gender- Specific

The moment one talks about Women Safety, all the question get redirected to Government and their inefficient and fruitless steps taken on that front. Very often I find people talking about how night time activities are a cause of concern for women safety but having said that there are enough and more crimes that have […]

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How My Positive Feedback Reinstated My Daughter’s Lost Confidence

“Why was my little chirpy nervous?” I was astounded by her behaviour. She never doubted her abilities especially in the creative front.

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Menstrual Hygiene – A Subject Best Swept Under The Rug

With an aim to change mindsets, sparks conversations and start an urban dialogue to stir conversations around menstrual cycle, allow women to embrace periods.

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Can This Oscar Win Challenge The Age Old Beliefs?

'Period - End Of Sentence', aims at setting menstruation free from the taboo attached to it and bring the focus on improving female health and hygiene.

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I Am The Change

Pulling each other down is not going to bring a change, no matter how many feminism movements are done.Uplifting each other will...

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Be A Kid With Kids

We often miss our childhood but yet fail to live our kids' childhood with them. Play more, laugh more and live more with your kids before they grow up.

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