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A scientist by training and science administrator by profession. An enthusiast traveller by choice and amateur writer by passion. In between the two -just love to dance, swim, dream and practice optimism!

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Celebrating My Son’s 2nd Birthday During The Lockdown In A Positive And Creative Way!

As a birthday message, would like Dhruv to always value the people in his life, to never take things for granted and the power of love, gratitude.

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Women In Science: The Distracting Damsel In The White Coat

Women in the sciences are a distraction, says Nobel laureate Tim Hunt. How long will we have such men who assume that "she" is an intruder in "his" world of science?

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The Owner Of Her Dream [Short Story]

A short but sweet parable on being the owner of your dream and continuing to cherish it. Do you have a dream you can't let go of?

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The Old Monk And The New Girl [Short Story]

Have you ever faced a situation where waiting and having faith in the outcome was the best thing to do?

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Lessons We Learn From Unanswered Prayers

Here is a poem describing the beauty and importance of unanswered prayers, and how they manifest in our lives. Can we be at peace with unanswered prayers?

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Thirties: The Most Comfortable Shoes To Be In

We all age, but do we learn enough? How many of us are proud and happy to be in the thirties? This post discusses some beautiful thoughts around this.

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