The Owner Of Her Dream [Short Story]

A short but sweet parable on being the owner of your dream and continuing to cherish it. Do you have a dream you can't let go of?

A short but sweet parable on being the owner of your dream and continuing to cherish it. Do you have a dream you can’t let go of?

She had a dream, a big and old dream!

So old, that her eyes full of life were already tired of dreaming her dream.

So big, that her young shoulders were not strong enough to carry the burden of her dream.

She found no place good enough to leave her dream.

She checked with every ‘cell’ of herself to please cage her dream and let her mind free and spirit live in peace.

Her ‘head’ offered to keep her dream.

She refused, as she knew The Head would think, do some calculations and perhaps edit or destroy her big, old dream!

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She felt very exhausted chasing her dream but still did not want to let it die as that was her only favourite dream.

Scared of The Head, she knocked at the door of ‘The Heart’ to forever lock her dream up.

Yet she knew that dreams can’t be caged or locked as every heartbeat would remind her of that most wanted dream!

She was very keen to meet the ‘The Owner of Her Dream’ as she wanted to simply return her dream.

With her dreamy eyes, she started searching for The Owner of Her Dream to finally get rid of her big, old and favourite dream.

She never succeeded in finding The Owner of Her Dream and eventually thought of donating her dream.

She started searching for an appropriate person who would take care of her favorite dream.

She met with an enthusiastic stranger and shared her only dream.

The stranger liked her dream and wanted to live it, as the dream was not just big or old but beautiful to the core.

The stranger wanted to buy her dream and was not happy to take it for free, and so innocently, asked her the price of this wonderful dream.

She could not put a price to her favourite dream and understood that she is the only owner of her priceless dream.

She was convinced that it doesn’t matter how tired the eyes are or how painful it is for the shoulders to carry the burden, she must carry on and nurture her only dream.

Because now she knew, The Heart is always there to park her dream safe, as no dream should ever die and the only favourite dream must just be chased and never ever caged!

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