Lessons We Learn From Unanswered Prayers

Here is a poem describing the beauty and importance of unanswered prayers, and how they manifest in our lives. Can we be at peace with unanswered prayers?

Here is a poem describing the beauty and importance of unanswered prayers, and how they manifest in our lives. Can we be at peace with unanswered prayers?

A dream

-to have something

-to be something

-to get somebody or

-to be somewhere in the middle of nowhere

is a wish, which the heart makes.

They say your heart somehow knows what is good for you, even if it lacks the grey matter responsible for generating reasons and logics!

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In the heart originates a wish, which reaches the universe through your prayers and at the same time stays with you as a dream.

At times, the heart pumped by the unique life force wishes for difficult things without realizing why the universe should bend its rules to grant that wish.

It looks like the thumb rule is, if the wish fits well in the bigger picture, the universe grants it by saying “As you wish” , no matter how difficult the wish is.

If your wish was a misfit in the bigger picture, no matter how small or easy it was, it diffuses in the universe and stays in the form of memories.

Universe saves the memories along with clouds, stars, moonlight, sunlight, rainbow, waves, shells, pebbles, flowers and fragrance. The colorful butterflies around you would eventually convert those memories into blessings, which will be showered upon you in the form of pleasant surprises and unexpected wonderful moments to make you happy, feel special when you are not even hoping for it.

For the prayers that are answered, wishes that are fulfilled, the head and heart are in harmony. For the unanswered ones, the head overworks by finding reasons, logics, defending all the time why it was not granted.

While head tries to dominate, heart just surrenders by being calm and serene as if it needs no explanations, answers and questions because it knows prayers are precious; answered or unanswered is just an outcome.

Hats off to the beautiful heart which lacks the thinking capability, but still co-exists and co-ordinates with the heartless head.

It’s amazing how the two are in harmony for most of the things, are out of tune for a few things and are always in deep conversation whenever we close our eyes and sow the seeds of an impossible dream.

Love thy prayers; answered or unanswered – it doesn’t matter!

Because the answered ones are beautiful, but temporary; whereas the unanswered ones are innocent, permanent, long lived, but are very very precious as we gain strength, courage, will power, wisdom and a positive aura from them.

Eventually, in the long run, time always proves how the master plan, the plan of the universe was better than your plan, your wish and your dream!

Thank you, universe, for not answering all our prayers, as we do need to learn these invaluable lessons since these are not manufactured in the grey cells!

No matter what the outcome is going to be, do not break the loop. Let your heart beat, be in rhythm with the universe, keep wishing, keep dreaming and continue praying as life is a simple mix of hard learned lessons, lovely surprises, wonderful moments in the shadow of answered and unanswered prayers!

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