Deepti Gautam Mehta

A research scholar, A house-maker, A mother, and playing all the possible roles a woman could play at 34. But above all, I am a wanderer who is often entangled in her own mind saga on a daily basis. Writing disentangles my mind and gives me joy.

Voice of Deepti Gautam Mehta

Mountain Women Have Great Potential Which Needs Recognition – Megha Purohit Of Giri Foundation

With Giri Foundation, Megha B. Purohit, aims to empower and help mountain women become financially independent!

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Abandoned As Brides By NRI Husbands, 8 Women Entreat SC For Help

The SC will hear the pleas of 8 women who were abandoned as brides by NRI husbands. Here's why the plea and the hearing are important.

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12 SC Commandments That Tell Lower Courts How To STOP Giving Sexist Rulings

In a groundbreaking ruling, the SC announced a set of stereotypes to be avoided by judges during hearings of gender violence cases.  

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Will This Recent Gujarat HC Proposal Lead To Ending Social Exclusion Of Women On Periods?

Women can't be excluded at private and public places based on their 'menstrual cycle', proposes Gujarat High Court. May we hope for a change in mindsets?

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Why Neha Bhasin Speaking Up About Being Fat-Shamed Is Important Even Today!

Neha Bhasin speaking about being fat-shamed and the toxic effects of it shows us why the 'diet culture' needs to be eliminated ASAP.

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Nepal ‘Bans’ Women From Traveling Abroad Without Familial Consent – Is This Where We Are At In 2021?

In a patriarchal and restrictive move, Nepal has 'banned' the travel of women without familial consent. When will this discrimination end?

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