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Reasons Of Miscarriage Are Many, But Society Will Always Blame Women!
Reasons Of Miscarriage Are Many, But Society Will Always Blame Women!

Reasons of miscarriage are many. The inefficiency of pregnancy results in pregnancy losses at possibly all stages. It is a fact that we often don't learn about and simply pin the blame of miscarriage on women.

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COVID vaccine in pregnant and breastfeeding moms
Is The COVID Vaccine Safe For Pregnant And Breastfeeding Moms?

COVID vaccine in pregnant and breastfeeding moms - how safe is it? What to expect? What are the things you should know?

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complications of uterus removal
Complications Of Uterus Removal – The Stories Of 4 Women In The Words Of A Gynaecologist

While a hysterectomy means the woman can no longer have a baby, let's look into the other side effects and possible complications of uterus removal.

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abortion law in India
The Abortion Law In India Seems Fair To Women, But What’s The Reality?

The abortion law in India for women is entrenched in our Constitution, but are women really able to get its benefits in a fair manner?

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behind closed doors
It Is Criminal To Condone The Abuse Behind Closed Doors In A Marriage By Saying ‘Sacred’

Behind Closed Doors, a Netflix documentary movie tells the true stories of three brave women who are domestic abuse survivors. It made me think of marital abuse that is ignored by Indian society.

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Our Pregnancy Is Our Pregnancy, None Of Your Pregnancy!

Get married, and a woman is promptly asked when the 'good news' is going to be! But a woman is more than her womb, and has the right to decide when she wants a child. A witty look at this.

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