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In This Patriarchal Society, Where Is My Voice?

YES, I am a Girl, I am a Women, I am a fighter, but, where is my "VOICE"?...Where is my voice lost?

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My Rejection Journey..

At some point, we all live in fear of rejection and it stops us from going after lots of things that we want in our life. Rejection therapy is about becoming desensitized to rejection.

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Many Reasons For Child Marriage, But Covid-19 Is Further Fuelling This Evil

Beyond the traditional reasons for child marriage, the Covid-19 pandemic is likely to result in more under-age girls being married away.

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To Truly Make Your Daughter Happy, Promise To Educate Her Instead Of Getting Her Married Young

Child marriage is still pretty prevalent in our society and education is a possible solution. Here are a few reasons why your daughters need education.

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Social Norm and Child Marriages

This collective practice of child marriage is, ultimately, a cluster of individual behaviours, so if we want to understand it, we have to understand why individuals behave in certain ways.

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