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I May Be Married, But I’m Also A Single Mother Doing It All!

A married woman single-handedly taking care of her child as her husband travels is pretty common. Why not praise these supermoms for all they do?

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Let Me Destroy 10 Stereotypes About Women Found In Sexist WhatsApp Forwards

WhatsApp jokes and forwards. I'm sick of the stereotypes about women that are an integral part of these, that not only men, but also clueless women propagate.

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The Saga Of The Work From Home Mom’s Ordeal

I'm a WAHM. Confused? I'm that perennially misunderstood and overworked mom who tries to make a living - a work at home mom. Got it?

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Women, Don’t Buy This Myth That Crying Is A Weakness; Let Your Tears Flow!

It's okay to cry when you need to. For too long, we have internalised this myth that crying is a weakness and something only women do.

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mother's job
I Was Questioned “Who Is Taking Care Of Your Child?” What IS With Lionizing A Man Who Parents?

Why don't men get asked questions like "who is taking care of your child" when they work, if women face it all the time? Is parenting only a mother's job?

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letter from ex wife
Dear Husband, I Would Be Gone By The Time You Get This Letter [#ShortStory]

You never had friends. You hated it when I made friends. You used to throw a tantrum each time I went out with a friend of mine. I stopped socialising.

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