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Artist. Writer. Thinker. Based in Delhi. Ponders on most things in the universe. Also ponders on my Instagram page, pocketdiaries_q .

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talking about periods
Talking About Periods Is The Way To Power Over Our Bodies. Don’t Believe Me?

Talking about periods is the right way to make ourselves comfortable with our bodies and its needs, and give us power over our choices.

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To Tackle Marital Rape, We Should Be Able To Talk About Sex in The First Place

Marital rape needs no introduction, yet it needs to be spoken about over and over again because most of us are still living in denial about it.

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sex talk
Parents, Don’t Wait For Your Kids’ Wedding To Have The Sex Talk With Them

It is the parents' responsibility to give kids the sex talk along with everything else, if we want kids to imbibe a healthy respect for their own and others' bodies.

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moment of truth
The Moment Of Truth [#ShortStory]

The irony is that most of us as teenagers and young adults, find it hard to be entirely truthful to our families. Why?

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hidden bruise
The Hidden Bruise [#Shortlisted]

Two nasty bruises were on her neck and one under her eye and they looked a day old. She sat on the sofa, slowly. Dev sat next to her, analyzing the bruise marks.

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Why We Must See That Consent and Sex Are Directly Proportional To Each Other

Consent and sex are simpler than we realise. Active consent from both parties, rather than needing one to say 'No' loudly, only increases sexual pleasure.

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