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Home maker at present. Worked as English teacher. My short stories and poems are published on platforms like saranga and pratilipi.

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women scientists day
3 Compelling Reasons Why We Should Celebrate 7th Nov As Women Scientists Day

Women Scientists Day on 7th Nov can celebrate the birthdays of Marie Curie who won the Nobel, and Lise Meitner who was cheated of credit as a woman, by the Nobel committee who gave it to her colleague Otto Hahn.

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Why Maha Navami On October 24th This Year Is Significant With Women’s Movement Globally

Maha Navami this year falls on 24th October, which is marked as Women's Day Off in the global history of the women's movement - the day that got Iceland its highest gender equality in the world.

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daughter's day
Aren’t We Hypocrites Celebrating Daughter’s Day And Expecting Girls To Be Grateful Just For Existing?

Yes, Yes - Happy Daughter's Day. But it is such a paradox. We celebrate this one day, but do we really celebrate our daughters otherwise?

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How The Norms Are Different For A Complete Man And Complete Woman

The texts that govern out present-day lives are mired in double-standards between the sexes. 

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