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Open Letter To Society From A Mother Of Two Daughters: I’m No ‘Bechaari’

In a country where sons are revered and daughters looked down upon as burdens, here is a letter from a mother of two daughters rejoicing in her children!

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You Don’t Have To Become LIKE A Man, You Are Enough Just As You!

She was asked to remove her shirt and walk across the atrium as a part of the ragging exercise infront of the entire batch of seniors. Well if you wish to stand at par with the boys, you might match your actions as well.

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I’m Your Soul And You My Soulmate; Anything You Suffer Will Make Me Suffer Too!

He recoiled for a second, but was too quick to hold us back from the escape. He looked around and found a bottle with some label on it. 

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Once I Owned Up My Mental Wellness Or Lack Of It, Here’s What I Learnt About Happiness

Today, women's need for professional gratification comes up against the pressure to remain culturally acceptable to our families, friends and society in general. How can this not be stressful?

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Yes! I Spent The Night With Him And Unapologetically So

“What future?” Sunaina replied in a matter of fact manner placing the coffee mug on the tiny table on the side, “What future does physical attraction have? Some more steamy nights… as and when possible!”

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Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Lagaa Touched My Biggest Fear As A Parent And No, It’s Not About Same Sex Love

Will your child feel comfortable coming up to you if he is gay? Or if she is going through heartache? Have you ensured that they will feel supported, no matter what?

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Here’s Why I’m Raising My Boy Like A Girl

Instead of repeatedly telling sons to respect women, they should be brought up tenderly like a girl. Read for more such parenting tips by Anupriya Gupta. 

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Sree Lost Her Performance Rating For Taking Maternity Leave. Fair To Working Mothers?

Women's taking maternity leave often coincides with a time in their careers when they are peaking. Employers need to be fair and make sure women are not penalised for this biological necessity.

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