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I am a software architect and a mom blessed with 2 wonderful kids. I love reading, writing, gardening, taking long walks with good friends, trying new recipes, and I am a die hard fan of time travel, parallel universe and anything science fiction. I love to write about my childhood experiences as I had an amazing childhood with my extended family and I truly believe that the most important thing in the world is love and family. I also believe in "You educate a woman and you educate a family!" and my articles will reflect my belief in some shape or form.

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End Your Decade On A Happier Note With These 10 Gratitude Quotes

With the decade about to end, there must be something everyone is grateful for. In case you need inspiration, here are ten quotes to express gratitude.

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10 Things We Can Do As Women To Make The World Safer For Us And Our Daughters

What happened to Disha in Hyderabad can happen to any of our daughters. What can we do to make the world and their lives safer for them?

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With A Simple Act Of Kindness And Selflessness, He Restored My Faith In Humanity

"Each day I volunteer in the hospital helps me put everything in perspective," says this author. "More importantly, it helps you understand the importance of love and compassion."

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To Mentor Is To Touch A Life Forever, And To Learn Yourself Too

Years after mentoring a younger colleague at work, the author hears back on his successful journey and reflects on the joys of being a mentor. 

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abortion ban US
So Called ‘Heartbeat’ Bill & Abortion Ban In The US; A Sign Of Worse To Come Worldwide?

For the sake of women's rights everywhere, it's time to speak up against men taking decisions about women's bodies. It is Alabama and abortion today. It is all of our rights tomorrow. Our silence can be fatal.

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These Big Fat Celebrity Weddings Did A Disservice To Ordinary Indians. Do You Agree?

I love weddings, especially Indian weddings with all its rituals, music and food. But does it need to be on such a lavish scale as we have seen over the past year?

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Brightest Star: She Left Us But Continues To Shine In Our Hearts

Nithya and I were best friends from childhood. We were the kind of friends who were there for each other no matter what and we remained friends through thick and thin. Nithya remains a bright star even after she has left us all. 

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11 Inspirational New Year Quotes For Starting Your 2019 With Positivity

Ready to welcome 2019? These inspiration new year quotes will get you started, especially if you are looking to make some actionable new year resolutions!

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My Cousin Srilu: Wish I Could Sense Your Silence

The author pens a heart-rending story of her cousin who was a victim of violence. She is aghast that justice hasn't prevailed and the perpetrator of the crime still roams free.

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The Question Isn’t Who’s Going To Let Me, But Who Is Going To Stop Me

Are you the same person who was an all-rounder in college? Are you the same person who had huge ambitions, who wanted to do an MBA, who wanted to have a great career? If you are, I hope you will find your way back to who you really are, Sneha.

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First Love

A story about first love, broken hearts and nostalgia that will leave you reminiscing your school days.

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A Writer’s Dream

A story about a girl who dreams of becoming a writer one day.

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romantic movies
10 Romantic Movies That Mean Something To Me Personally, Linked To Beautiful Memories…

While I do not watch too many films, these romantic movies are my favourites, not just because they have been so well made, but because each of them is toed with some personal memories.

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One Woman Can Make A Difference, But Together We Can Rock The World!

The recent confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court is a slap in the face of all women. But hope lies in our hands too, says this author.

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It’s Hard Moving From The Place We Call Home And Leaving Friends Behind, Isn’t It?

I have moved twice quite far away from home, and it has been traumatic - leaving the familiar behind - friends, neighbourhoods, climates. But we've survived it.

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I Wish I Could Bottle That Lemony Scent Reminding Me Of A Childhood Summer

The memories of a summer vacation in my aunt's home near Kadapa in Andhra Pradesh still tug at my heart with the scent of lemon rice that I remember.

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Would You Like To Know The Fascinating Story Of My 100 Year Old Ammamma’s Life?

My 100 year old Ammamma (grandmother) might seem like a frail old lady of no consequence to people, but she is a strong woman with an interesting life.

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She Hated Math, But Nambikkai Mary Miss Made Her Fall In Love With The Subject

Math classes were troublesome but she ended up majoring in it at college. An inspiring teacher changed the course of her life, writes Anupama Venkatesh. 

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