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"An enthusiastic reader and a born naturalist. Loves being herself and won't compromise when it comes to her dignity and the dignity of women in general." Hi there! Well, thats just me apart from that I'm a kindergarten teacher who finds love, compassion and satisfaction in work by the smiles on the faces of little angels. I'm a blogger, self publisher. You could also check me out on my blog

Voice of Annadine Charles

When We Shut Someone Up And Silence Their Voice, We Kill Their Identity And Souls

How does it feel to be brutally shut up each time you try to reach out in desperate need? How does it feel not to even be heard, leave alone the risk of public humiliation or the fear of not getting justice?

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When I Set Myself Free From A Dying Relationship!

"He was all I ever wanted, my dreams had come true. He moved in with me, into my apartment and we were together at last. I was living a fairytale love story. But, yet I wasn't happy. Something was lacking."

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Shed Not A Single Tear…

When you derive pleasure from my pain, don't forget that you are creating a chain...

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Drop The Mental Blocks, Shed Your Cloak Of Superiority

Believe it or not, in a steady or even in a subconscious state of mind, we are always judging people; judging them invariably for their looks, colour, race, culture, status or if nothing else, then just by the way they walk and talk.

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The Unspoken Words

What happens when old friends meet after a long, long while? Questions are asked, and niceties exchanged. But does everything remain the same? On one rainy evening, I happened to bump into an old friend at a cafe after a tiring day of work. Excited, we held out our arms and hugged like never before. […]

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Why Not Me? Try Saying That If You’ve Been Asking, ‘Why Me?’

It is easy to drown in self-pity and cry about life but what makes or breaks a person is their ability to get over this phase and start a new one.

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anxiety issues in children
Nip Them In The Bud: 6 Anxiety Issues That Stunt Kids’ Emotional, Intellectual, & Social Growth

As adults in their lives, parents or teachers, being aware of and ready to deal with anxiety issues in children is essential for their emotional and intellectual growth.

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I Am Stronger Than You Could Ever Fathom

I am a woman, I am stronger than you can ever fathom strength to be. And yet you think I am weak?

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