Shed Not A Single Tear…

When you derive pleasure from my pain, don't forget that you are creating a chain...

When you derive pleasure from my pain, don’t forget that you are creating a chain…

Shed not a single tear
for me when I am gone
I won’t be there to plead before
to forgive you for your wrong.

Mourn not in slightest repentance
for all that you have done
it wasn’t something accidental
or light enough just for fun.

You knew what you were doing
when you singed my soul that gleamed
by breaking bonds of humanity
with shameful deeds that teamed.

Deriving immense pleasure
from every bit of my pain
while setting standards for others
you forgot you’re creating a chain.

For God forbidden tomorrow
cruelty becomes a way of life
how then will you manage to protect
The flesh of your daughter and your wife.

If you really want to cry
cry for your offsprings days of glum
for what you sow so deliberately today
they will woefully reap for years to come.

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