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strength training for women
Strength Training For Women – Your Essential Fitness Program [Bonus: Safety Too!]

Want to stay fit and also defy age to be that head turner, ladies? Strength training for women is your answer - go the weights training way.

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leftover rice recipes
5 Simple Leftover Rice Recipes That Turn It Into A Mouth-Watering Whole New Dish

Are you breaking your head wondering what to do with your leftover rice? Get creative with these yummy sounding leftover rice recipes.

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3 Yummy Rice Khichdi Recipes, Perfect Comfort Food To Calm You Down Today

In times of high stress, there's truly nothing like rice khichdi! Try these yummy (and easy) rice khichdi recipes, comfort food that can warm you from inside. 

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weaning foods
Weaning Foods: All That You Need To Know About This Phase Of Change

Weaning foods are important at this crucial transition phase for our babies, as our little ones step into this whole new world of food.

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connecting with moms
Connecting With Moms Helped Me Savour The Highs (And Lows!) Of Motherhood

Connecting with moms outside the immediate social circle is now easy with the many parenting forums on social media, and this has changed the way we parent.

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toddler tantrums
What Life Is Like With The “Terrible Twos” And Their Draining Toddler Tantrums

Every mom dreads those toddler tantrums. There is no magic pill which can fix them altogether, and I bet you feel thankful once the phase passes.

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Budget-Friendly Tips To Create a Sound Proof Room For Your Home Office

Here's how to create a sound proof room for your home office to feel professional - on a budget you can afford.

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How To Become A Yoga Teacher | Home Business Series

Passionate about Yoga? Here are some excellent ideas on how to become a good yoga teacher and tips on how to run your yoga classes at home as a successful business.

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These 4 Crowdfunding Campaigns By Women Made Me Go, Wowza!

Crowdfunding campaigns can work beautifully to make your cause a common cause. We show you 4 such inspiring campaigns by women. Crowdfunding is a concept that tracks back to at least a century. In crowdfunding campaigns, simply put, a group of people come together to raise money for a common cause. In India, crowdfunding is […]

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Support Chinmayi Sripada’s Petition To Shut Down Rape Threats On Twitter

Let’s put an end to rape threats and abuse on Twitter! Sign this petition by singer Chinmayi Sripada to the Twitter CEO.

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Saleha Paatwala’s Sister Faced Cyber Bullying – Cyber Cell Response? “Don’t Give Girls Freedom!”

Saleha Paatwala's recent Facebook post illustrates the extent to which cyber bullying affects women and girls on social media - often with the threat of being shamed in public.

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how dads react to periods
How Dads React To Periods: This Quora Thread Is An Interesting Read

Did your dad freak out when you got your periods? Talk you through it? Or just ignore it? Here's more on how dads react to periods.

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Tuition Teacher: How To Successfully Establish Your Career?
Tuition Teacher: How To Successfully Establish Your Career?

Working as a tuition teacher can be a great option for women who find it hard to work outside the home, but love teaching.

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This New Video On Domestic Violence Shows Us How ‘Ordinary’ This Crime Is

This new video on domestic violence, from a helpline in Bangladesh, is breaking the Internet with its poignant reminder - domestic violence could be happening to any woman around us.

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10 Inspiring Quotes For Women, On Failure, Success & Everything On The Way

We love these inspiring quotes for women, from women who've made it all the way up; they tell us not just about power, but also life and living it to the fullest.

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