These 4 Crowdfunding Campaigns By Women Made Me Go, Wowza!

Crowdfunding campaigns can work beautifully to make your cause a common cause. We show you 4 such inspiring campaigns by women.

Crowdfunding is a concept that tracks back to at least a century. In crowdfunding campaigns, simply put, a group of people come together to raise money for a common cause.

In India, crowdfunding is a nascent concept but in the last few years it seems to have gathered momentum with the spread of the Internet to more cities and smaller towns as well.

A number of online platforms today help people raise funds, whether for social causes, business/start-ups or arts and cultural pursuits.

Women too are at the forefront of such crowdfunding campaigns – initiating campaigns either for their own cause or for others in need of funds. I’ve listed below a few such interesting crowdfunding campaigns that Indian women are supporting today.

Read on to know more and if there’s a cause that lights a spark in you, go ahead and support them too!

Bleed With Pride

Bleed with Pride is a campaign started by Geeta Bora – her aim is to create a 100% sanitary napkin using country. She plans to execute this idea by manufacturing low cost and completely biodegradable sanitary napkins (in Pune) and making them easily available to all the underprivileged women and girls even in the remote corners of our country. In many places menstruation is still a taboo and women resort to all sorts of unhygienic methods during menstruation out of shame and lack of amenities.

Geeta plans to give a year’s supply of these sanitary pads to women at a cost of just 250 rupees. The best part of it is that these napkins will be completely biodegradable and will decompose over time.

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So far she has raised a little over Rs. 3 lakhs out of her Rs.30 lakh target. Help her raise more by spreading the word and contributing to her noble cause. Her concern for women in need and her wish to build a healthy hygienic life for them inspires me.

Maukaa – give a chance to Indian art

Maukaa – safeguarding Indian Art Forms from extinct is a crowdfunding initiative started by Prerna Jain and has a little over a lakh of her Rs.3 lakh target.

Her art foundation Maukaa, aims at preserving Miniature Art and its wonderful history which dates back to centuries. There are still artists and artisans who practise these rare skills but are reluctant to pass this on to their future generations as this art form yields them a very meagre income pushing them into a life of abject poverty.

The Maukaa Foundation is working towards promoting this dying art form and has started a couple of art projects which they aim to exhibit at the Indian Art Fair next year. They need funds to set up a studio and meet the related expenses.

With just 3 days left, help her campaign and donate for her meaningful cause to preserve this fading art form.

Fighting child sexual abuse

Justice for little fighters of pre-school child abuse in Bangalore is a fundraising campaign started by Major Aditi Mohan to pay for the lawyer’s expenses and the other expenses needed to fight the case of toddlers who were sexually abused in 2016 at a pre-school in Bangalore. With the help of people through crowdfunding, Aditi Mohan and a group of parents fighting the case wish to set an example for systemic changes that prevent child abuse.

I chose to highlight this cause as this is a very sensitive issue and concerns the safety of our dear little children. Please support by contributing to the cause and let’s urge the system to strengthen the safety of our kids in schools – which are supposed to be a safe haven for these little ones.

Support Aryaman who has Down’s Syndrome

Support Aryaman fight Down’s Syndrome is a campaign started by Kirti Sharma a full time mother from Vadodara for her four year old son Aryaman, born with Down’s Syndrome which has resulted in life threatening health issues. Aryaman was diagnosed with two holes in his heart, bilateral cataract and profound hearing loss. So far he has undergone three major surgeries and has had a hearing aid prescribed. The family hopes to pursue a long-term treatment plan at the Institute of Achivement of Human Potential in Philadelphia USA, which they believe would be beneficial to him.

This loving mother calls upon everyone to contribute to her cause and help raise funds to cover the costs of their visits, stay and treatment for little Aryaman in the USA.

Donate your share and help this little boy live a better life.

Crowdfunding as a concept may take time to reach maturity in India, but it is a great opportunity to gather support for your cause, whatever it may be.

I hope you enjoyed reading about these brave warriors speaking out for what they believe in.

Top image via the Bleed with Pride campaign

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