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I'm a lecturer currently, having graduated in Electrical Engineering. I love reading, playing Badminton, Swimming and keeping up with the current affairs.

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controlling relationship
“Run NOW!” A Letter To A Young Female Friend Who Is In A Controlling Relationship

A warning to all women who feel 'loved' in what is essentially a controlling relationship. Recognize the symptoms, and make a run for it, NOW!

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Naam Shabana Stands On Taapsee Pannu’s Shoulders – With Little Else To Carry It Through!

Naam Shabana is the story of Shabana (Taapsee Pannu) before she became a part of the Baby team. Set in the same universe, it tells the story of her recruitment and her first assignment.

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“You Guys Selected Her, Now Don’t Blame Me!” And Other Regrettable Problems Of Marriages In India

The great Indian marriage is an interesting beast. Here is a look at marriages in India with all the pitfalls that one needs to be on the look out for!

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Confessions Of A Molester: She Was “Asking For It”

How do all the justifications of 'she was asking for it' embolden molesters and rapists to continue attacking women, and conveniently deflect blame?

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The Demand On Media For Castration And Capital Punishment – Is It Really The Solution For Rapes?

What is the solution for rapes? Every day brings news of more rapes, in many corners of India, with no end to the epidemic. What can be done about it?

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Having A Baby Or Not – Will Society Keep Its Big Nose Out Of A Personal Decision?

Having a baby or not should be the choice of the couple in question. Will society keep its big nose out of it?

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