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We watched the Malayalam Movie “Premalu” in the theater last evening. It was a pleasant watch, had good humor and we enjoyed every scene for the entire length of the movie. It was also nostalgic for me as it brought back my old memories of living by myself in an apartment with friends, working for an IT company in a big city like Chennai after I graduated from Engineering. The movie is a commercial hit and is running successfully in movie theaters world over.

Reenu is an IT professional working for a Corporate in the city of Hyderabad. She is responsible, independent, has set clear goals in life and does not shy away from voicing her opinions be it in office or life.  Sachin is an engineering graduate from a dysfunctional family, whose only goal in life is to stay far away from his parents. He is also lazy and do not particularly work towards any goals. The movie revolves around the strong contrast between these two characters, their emotions, friends and life.

I was contemplating over why the movie got so popular. The movie is made low budget with no super stars and has so special effects as well. The story revolves around a handful of characters and their feelings, yet the movie is minting millions.  The humor was good but more than that its the realistic portrayal of characters that would have helped for the mass to connect.

1) Authentic characterization of males in an Indian movie with their quirkiness, emotions, insecurities, jealousies, heart breaks, and desires. These were guys we see around us as close buddies, husbands of close friends (who actually talk openly about their husbands), and within in our own families. These were men we connect with 100% in our society. An Indian Movie not showing males in the capacity of protectors/providers/super heroes/ or as highly desirable bachelors. A movie where their egoism and macho-ism are not revered and celebrated.

2) Strong, responsible, empathetic and accountable characterization of the main female lead who is also financially independent. 90% of my girlfriends and female colleagues belong to this category, yet their representation in an Indian movie is minimal or hardly exist. These are women we see all around in the present educated urban societies. We can connect with them in all aspects. There are quirky female characters as well in the movie.

Different flavor of characterization, no gender stereotyping, good humor, and a setting that didn’t feed the societal norms and interests. When I left the movie theater, it felt as if I have left a bunch of friends who are authentic, real and fun to be with.

May we have more such stories!

PS: The only factor I disliked in the move was the drinking/smoking that the movie could have easily done less with. This wasn’t “cool”. Done entirely to appease the heavy drinking culture of Kerala, I guess.

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