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Happy Women’s Day – Be The Light That Shines The World!

Posted: March 12, 2019


Another Women’s Day has just gone by

The social media made a hue and cry

Cheers and praises for your persistence

Kudos for all your endurance

Oh Women, the world acknowledged your existence.


Verses on the beauty of your eyes grew viral

Novels featuring your sacrifices were just phenomenal

Tweets celebrating your pain and tears got hash-tags

Movies where you cried and died turned blockbusters

Oh Women, the world acknowledged your existence.


Celebrities debated on gender equality

Businesses flaunted pink dresses in frivolity

Media fought wars booming their TRP

Political parties added your needs to their manifesto

Oh Women, the world acknowledged your existence.


Husbands certified your long haul

Children hugged you tight with a sweet soul

Employers sang praises of your uphill battle

Parents thought you were still cute and little

Oh Women, the world acknowledged your existence.


Now, let’s begin dreaming a world, not too distant

Where women do not just exist, but lead

With your empathy and intuition as blessings

With the same devotion and nurture as you dote on your babies

Oh Women, lead the world to peace and harmony.


May every single firm, state or country thrive in your hands

Let all the living beings feel loved under your protection

Pray, the Mother Earth begins to blossom in your love and care

Emotions, values, and humanity may finally be restored

Oh Women, you are the future of the world.


Expand your horizons and begin to fly

For it’s not just your family that needs you

It’s indeed the whole wide world

Oh Women, don’t settle for a mere acknowledgment

Be the light that shines the world!


Image via Pixabay

Manju Nambiar hails from the southern state of Kerala, India. A computer engineer by profession,

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