The Birth

The moon was shining bright. It was a winter night. Chillness was passing down her body. Her heart was beating faster than usual. She could hear nurses shout at her. Tears filled her eyes not daring to roll down. She thought, the moments are going to change life.

She hears different voices. “Push”. “Keep trying”. “Baby is coming”. “Don’t sleep”. Someone beat her cheeks.

Amidst all this, she started feeling numb. She did not know if it was her heart or her body. But she knew she was feeling numb.

Then she hears the baby cry. She hears the murmurs. There is no one outside waiting for them. Let the baby be with her mother.

And then she hears, its a girl. She smiles and gets into a deep sleep.

She could hear the continuous cry, and she tried to get up from bed. The nurse says to be careful and place her baby on her chest. She rolls down the tears that she has been holding for a while. She hugs her baby close.

She has been waiting to invite another human being to her house. She was prepared for this day. She had decorated her house. She had a room all set with toys for the baby. She was all excited to enter in to their house, holding her baby.

She knew life is going to be difficult. But she looked at her baby, she thought

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” We will sail through the waves together and make this life prettier.”


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