Dreams Of Broken Wings

Clutch on to your inner self, We will uplift your dreams.

Hey girl,

When you were in her womb,
She was asked to pray for a lad,
Your presence filled her life with joy,
She pampered you to the horizon,
But they condemned her, for your gender!

At every stage of your life,
You were overlooked,
You married, because they wanted you to,
Your complexion mattered than the persona,
Your confidence was called as vanity by them.

And after marriage,
They wanted you to forget your parents,
They asked you to change your identity.
When you did not accord to them,
When your career outshined home-making,
They called you a failure!

When you fight the trauma of being barren,
They complained about your frailness!
Crushing the emotional pain,
You embraced motherhood.
Alas, they did not stop,
They questioned your motherhood!!

Your dreams were burnt into ashes,
Your identity drowned in your sorrows,
Your gracious smile sank in your silence,
You loaded the burden,
They saw your fading happiness,
Did they purport your life as fate?
Or ignored your fading smile?

Who are they?
SHE or HE?
Ah, Both of them!!

When you wept,
She was impassive,
And he ignored!

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When you spoke,
She judged,
And he disregarded!

When you settled,
They took you for granted!!

It is not just YOU!
There are many YOU,
You yelled, You expressed, You silenced,
But they remained unheard!

I fail to say sorry!
Because you trembled to uphold your dreams!!!

Dear, “It is never too late”,
Clutch on to your inner self,
We will uplift your dreams,
We will embrace the failures,
We will mend the ripped pieces,
And we will cherish the fulfilled moments,
Of our beautiful life !!!


Image source: Pexels


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Vidhya Nair

I am in the journey to bring difference in the lives of woman around me! A beginner in the world of words! Determined to change the perspective of life! I strongly believe in the saying " read more...

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