The Stunning Miss Nepal Jane Dipika Garrett Inspired Me To Be Bold And Beautiful

Miss Nepal Jane Dipika Garrett owned the Miss Universe platform, flaunting her curves, more like what most girls and women are; not the "thin" prescribed bodies!

“I think success varies depending on each person. For me, to be on this stage and to speak my truth is something that matters a lot.” – Miss Nepal Jane Dipika Garrett.

Miss Nepal Jane Dipika Garrett is making history as the first Body Inclusive Model in Miss Universe 2023. This 22-year-old, an entrepreneur and advocates for hormonal & mental health, is breaking barriers and questions societal norms, highlighting that beauty surpasses conventional standards. In a world frequently preoccupied with slim figures, her participation and making it to top 20 serves as a poignant reminder that beauty cannot be confined to a fixed norms as set by society.

Through her massive display of confidence and wholehearted acceptance of her own body, Jane Dipika Garrett has emerged as an inspirational figure for many young girls and women across the globe.

Miss Nepal Jane Dipika Garrett – a celebration of individuality and selfhood never seen before!

It inspired me to the core to find courage & boldness to stand by myself; feel healthy and to find a new definition of success too.

I often come across a section of society tethered to age old preoccupied beauty measurements and give judgments on that.

Recently I attended one function at one of my relative’s place. I got to meet many close and dear ones after long time. Sadly, most of them were busy talking about who’s what rather than how (have you been).

“Oh! You gained weight …!”

“You became sooo thin…any illness?”

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“Your dark circles are too prominent!”

“I think she is taller than him.”

Ridiculously, there was hardly any warmth in the conversation but only measurements of beauty and judgments flowing.

“O girl! What happened…you look so plump than the last time I saw you?”

I replied boldly, “It does not matter how fat or thin I am; as long as I feel healthy and successful the way I want to be, nothing else matters.”

Yes I did it!

And I believe that we women should embrace their distinctive qualities and aim for excellence in every facet of our lives eradicating all insecurities and low self-esteem.

I love myself whether tall or short;

I love myself whether dark or fair;

I love myself whether plump or too thin;

I love myself even if I have dark circles or not,

And that’s success to me.

Images source: Miss Nepal Jane Dipika Garrett on Instagram

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