Why Did I Learn To Invest In Stocks And Walk Towards Achieving Financial Empowerment

The Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown forced Indians, especially women, to juggle their family responsibilities and at the same time to achieve financial independence resulting in the increase participation of women in equity and stock investments.

However, me & my husband are investing in stocks since 2007 as an alternate source of creating money along with our active income sources. We opened a Demat Account with a full-service brokerage firm as there were no discount brokerage services at that time. Simultaneously, we also invested in Gold.

Nevertheless, there is still progress to be made by me when it comes to financial matters. But today I would say I took a vital step forward by embracing investing in stocks.

I am fascinated by long-term investment rather than short-term trading. I am thrilled by the dynamic market study, tracking & monitoring of stocks, the determination to understand different technical terms and charts to unlock the world of benefits.

There are losses too but I am learning to be more patient and evolved from my mistakes. I learnt to be calm and focused even when market is volatile.

Now I understand how money gets compounded and its magic effect – ‘Money makes Money’ provided I balance my greed and fear.

I took help from my mentor, started reading books like Beating the Street by Peter Lynch, many interviews, online resources like moneycontrol.com & screener.in introduced me different methods and strategies like technical analysis, fundamental analysis, reading profit & loss statements and balance sheets of different companies. I also monitor the best buying levels and accordingly plan my exit levels to protect my money.

I find Stock investments have flexible working hours and are hassle free unlike Real estate or other property investments.

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On the contrary to the prevailing belief hold by many that investing in the stock market is merely a speculation and unsafe but I firmly believe that investment in stock market require lot of readings and research work and most importantly willingness to put in the time. The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) was formed as the apex regulator of the capital market. SEBI has made progress to protect the interests of investors in securities and to promote the development of, and to regulate the securities.

Now, I understand that with investments, I achieve not only financial independence but also participating indirectly towards growing national economy.

Hereby, I urge every woman to take charge of their finance and walk towards the milestone of achieving financial empowerment.


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