OMG 2- A movie with a relevant theme.

  1. There are so many subjects taught at school and it considered to contribute towards the total development of a child.Among the movie which were recently released , a movie OMG 2 is also based on the theme that how far the school and society is responsible for a child\’s development. Do the schools are only responsible for the teaching those subjects which have been taught for a century or something beyond that?It might sound a bit unconventional to a lot of people to include sex education in school but is not not necessary to educate our children on this rather than keeping them in ignorance and darkness.The opinion of people could be divided as this sounds very modern or the  way ahead of our times.
The movie OMG 2 is based on this very theme and wavers from any conventional theme on which most of the movies are made.A child in the movie is demoralised and looked down upon in the society and kicked away from school because he masturbated.He feels unsupported and tried to kill himself by standing on the railway track.But seeing that, the lord Shiva himself lands up on Earth and saves the boy.He tells the the boy\’s father to believe in god and in the himself and helps him go the root of the all these problem.Well, the problem in upbringing, the problem in the society and the right knowledge.Everybody in the childhood has home through such experiences , whether it us a boy or a girl, as it is a part of growing.The movie compels us to think that there is something wrong on our side and also on part of school if a child  behaves strangely  during their teenage .How to impart the knowledge about their bodies and the changes they go through is to be handled carefully .As long as they are ignorant, they could be misled.
Some one would agree and someone may not, but there is a need to impart education about sex at school and also at home.What is not told either makes a child curious or scared.So, why not to educate our kids in correct way about the changes that a boy or a girl go through during their growing years.
The movie has picked a very relevant theme and has successfully put across its message to the society.No matter whether a person lives in a rural or urban area, some changes on their part would be welcome.


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