Children Teach Us Invaluable Lessons Of Life

Ever since my little daughter came into the world, I have gone through subtle changes in my way of thinking over the years. Earlier I used to detest kids but now I adore them. Earlier, the kids turned me off and their very presence got on my nerves. I could not relate to them at all because when they squealed while playing, sobbed after hurting themselves or made a fuss over eating food, or even giggled after doing something silly – all of them made me sick of them. After eight years of my daughter’s birth, I see myself altogether a different person, who not only relates to them very well but also feels blessed to spend my free time with them.

Children make me feel as though I going to live my life all over again and most of the time while I am in their company, I feel overwhelmed. A few days ago, I went to a party, to which lots of my friends were invited yet it was the bunch of kids who drew my attention. I feel happy chatting away with my friends for hours but I feel happier when it comes to babbling and giggling with kids. Their playful nature and their innocence and their naive behavior are what make them so adorable, so magnetic. Those kids were sitting in a bunch around the stairs and gobbling up their favorite dishes. They were very chirpy, and noisy and talked even without a pause. A few of them had tousled hair, a few had messy ponytails, and a few had dirty clothes which got soiled when they had played. I went there and uttered a few words to them. They oozed happiness and a high level of energy and so, I felt my energy surging up. I felt at ease with them and built an incredible connection with them. Their innocent ways called up my childhood memories until I felt myself slowly drifting into my childhood days. The more talked to them, the younger I felt.

Curiosity is one more thing that makes a child different from a grown-up. Their question and the way the answer are so flawless, are so original that I feel that children have something to teach us rather than we teach them. Children pass on their liveliness,  energy, and playfulness, and teach us to be carefree, to focus on the present moment and the future will take care of itself. Moreover, one of my friends told me that cuddling and playing with kids often releases good hormones in our bodies, too. To be around children means wearing expensive ornaments for me. I would rather spend time with kids than splurge money in a mall or gossip away about useless talks. If I gave these options to somebody else, they might go for the latter, but again it boils down to where your happiness is and what makes you alive.


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