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Book Review: Blossoms Of Grace

Book Review: “Blossoms of Grace: Poetry in Tribute to Women’s Essence” by Sameer Gudhate

There are jokes, memes, and even shows entitled “What Women Want?” It is difficult to understand a woman and her feelings! But I came across a book of poems named “Blossoms of Grace: Poetry in Tribute to Women’s Essence” which is written by Sameer Gudhate. In these poems, the beauty of poetry combines with celebrating women. Sameer, a man himself, writes about women’s lives in a special way. He talks about how strong and tough women are, and how they have important roles in society. I’m a woman, and when I read these poems, I was interested to see how a man sees and praises what it’s like to be a woman. It’s like going on a journey through these poems to understand and appreciate what makes women unique and important.

Sameer Gudhate’s collection of poems welcomes readers to discover a world of beautiful poems. In each poem, the author talks about different jobs that women do and shows how important they are. He writes about things like being a mom and helping each other. Some poems talk about usual things, but some also talk about doing things differently, like breaking old rules and taking care of the Earth. The poems celebrate women and all the things they do in a simple and easy-to-understand way.

The writing makes you feel so many feelings and creates visuals in your mind. The poems are made nicely, like a dance that shows what each thing is like. The choice of words in the poems is excellent and matches well with the feelings they talk about. Even though the writer is a man, he writes about women’s experiences in a way that’s kind and understanding. This makes people like the poems, irrespective of gender.

In this collection of poems, the characters are not specific people, but they represent the different roles that women play in society and day-to-day life. Each poem makes these roles feel alive and shows how powerful yet delicate they are. Sameer, the writer, makes sure that these roles are not just simple ideas, but they show how strong, smart, and graceful women are.

Imagine a bunch of colorful flowers put together. This collection of poems is like that bouquet, where each poem has a unique way in which women are an integral part of society. As you read through the poems, it’s like going on a journey that helps you understand the many things women do and the different attributes of being a woman. Just like looking at a bunch of different flowers, you can see the many sides of women and how special they are.

The poems in this collection talk about how women don’t have to follow what society says they should do. They can make path-breaking choices, and take unconventional decisions. The main message of these poems is to celebrate and say thank you to women for their special strengths and the good things they do in each stage of their lives.

As a woman reading the collection, I felt touched by the emotions it brought out. The poems made me feel a strong connection and like I truly understood them. Each poem showed different roles in a very real way, making me feel important and understood.
The collection is good at showing exactly what each role is like. Sameer Gudhate’s poems are full of strong feelings that match what women go through. This makes a close connection with the readers.

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The collection shows how amazing women are, but it could be better if it would include the struggles of being a woman too. Talking about problems could make the collection better and help readers feel more connected.

“Blossoms of Grace” is a wonderful tribute to the many sides of women’s lives. As a woman myself, I felt strong and proud when I read the poems as for a moment it made me forget the fact that they are written by a man! It makes us feel like we’re all connected and going through similar things.

This book is like a present that says thank you to all the wonderful women and how they make our lives better.

Book Link: https://www.amazon.in/dp/B0CD3MZLNX


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