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Paparazzi Invade Private Lives Of Celebrities And Shame Them For Pushing Back? STOP!

I don't think it's fair or necessary for a famous person's life to be under a microscope. Shouldn't the public be considerate of the boundaries a star sets? Does being famous entitle others to have their life made public?

I’ve always wondered about the mindset behind the public prying into the lives of actors. A star is put on a pedestal and considered akin to a god. It is a deeply rooted cultural phenomenon, particularly in South India.

The movie industry helps viewers to escape reality and uses the characters as role models. But it’s not limited to the character. It’s linked to the actor playing the role as well.

When the actor acts out the narrative, they are perceived as larger-than-life

The actor is portrayed in large wooden cutouts carefully positioned outside the theaters screening the movie. It is anointed with milk, honey, and sandalwood. Fresh flowers are also used to decorate the cutouts. Actors are held in high regard in India because of the history of the industry and its pervasive presence in the nation’s culture.

A person goes to great lengths to pay respect to their favorite actor. Recently, a man from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, passed away after falling from a moving lorry. He was dancing on top of it to celebrate the release of a Tamil movie. I’ve read about fans dying of suicide because they don’t get a ticket to a film they want to watch!

The number of people whose lives revolve around personal lives of celebrities (what they do, eat and wear) is concerning

Celebrities are imperfect people with flaws and weaknesses, just like the rest of us.

Although celebrity gossip might give a sense of satisfaction and belonging, it can’t compare to real life. I don’t mean to be critical of one’s choice about supporting or stanning a particular celebrity. But it is essential to understand where the character ends. An actor’s personality is not likely similar to the one they play on screen. While it is okay to support them, it is not okay to go out of the way if it disturbs your life and well-being.

The news and paparazzi’s prying role for live updates on celebrity gossip makes things worse

Celebrity news has become of prime interest more during the past ten years. With the growth of Instagram, TikTok, and other social media, more stars and some previously unknown have become familiar faces. The news can occasionally be interesting and somewhat relevant. But the majority of what is published is plain rumours or gossip.

A star’s complex relationship with the paparazzi is nothing new. Alia Bhatt was frustrated with photographers in Mumbai snapping pictures of her from a nearby neighborhood as she sat on her balcony. Shilpa Shetty filed a lawsuit against a tabloid for using her photos. The judge decided that the photograph violated her privacy and gave her compensation. Other actors, like Katrina Kaif, Kareena Kapoor Khan, and Anushka Sharma, have expressed concern about their privacy.

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Can’t invade their private moments and then shame them for drawing a line

A few days ago, South film star Nayanthara and her husband stopped by at the Kumbakonam temple. She was continuously being recorded by a fan and lost her temper. It made the news when ironically, a video surfaced where Nayanthara said she would break the fan’s phone if he kept filming her. The comments section shows that some people support her. But on the other hand, others have made hateful comments or say it’s a publicity stunt. Some even say that she is arrogant and ungrateful and that the public shouldn’t watch her movies after this. 

I don’t think it’s fair or necessary for a famous person’s life to be under a microscope. Shouldn’t the public be considerate of the boundaries a star sets? Does being famous entitle others to have their life made public? No matter their socioeconomic level, everyone has the right to privacy. Any person would think that it is a universal requirement. Do you agree?

A mobile is enough to take photographs and videos. Everyone uses YouTube or social media today to make money. The paparazzi want access to all aspects of a celebrity’s life. Celebrity life has long piqued the public’s curiosity. The paparazzi rely on stars for income, and stars rely on them for publicity. But can we draw the line in this cutthroat world of digital media? For instance, lately, the paparazzi’s behavior at the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre was not okay. It is high time to focus on an ethical code for paparazzi photographers in India and ensure it stays.

Image source: Photo by Ethan Haddox on Unsplash

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