6 Corporate Survival Skills Every Woman Needs To Know!

Have you heard how corporate world is all about survival of the fittest? Here are 6 corporate survival skills every woman needs to know!

Have you heard how corporate world is all about survival of the fittest? Didn’t you wish, you had some advice before you entered the corporate world? Here are 6 corporate survival skills every woman needs to know!

More than often, women hear, that corporate life is not for us. It is too competitive, either it is too demanding, or it is too hectic! And we women are ill-equipped to deal with it! As my best friend rightly observed, it is always too much when we women want to become an integral part of the corporate system.

Well, guess what? Women have been part of corporate life for decades now, and we still have to hear these ill advices!

What are corporate survival skills every woman needs to know?

In February, we, the team of Women’s Web, asked our readers and community members to share their most important corporate survival skills on Instagram. And the advises we got had been eye-opening pearls of wisdom! So we decided to collect them in this article for our readers!

Here are 6 pieces of advice that all of us should know.

Amplify other women

Natasha Ramarthanam

Amplify other women! As we women have been conditioned to believe that if we work hard with integrity we will get what we deserve! But unfortunately, it is not a level playing field!

Women don’t get as much time as men to speak, we get interrupted more and are not taken as seriously as men! So we must amplify other women and their stories and make allies! Diversity only matters when diversity has a voice!

Paraphrased from the reel.

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Make intentional connections

Anju Jayaram

Make intentional connections beyond your immediate team, and connect with people irrespective of age, seniority and work function. Not only we can have interesting and meaningful conversations, we also learn a lot from these interactions.

As connecting and communicating with people is an imperative skill that one should build to survive in a corporate environment, we should always try to go beyond networking. 

Paraphrased from the reel.

The CNA rule: Communication, Negotiation and Appreciation.

Rashmi D Rao

Rashmi D Rao shared an important corporate survival kit with us. She further explains that it is extremely important to communicate in the best possible way which includes verbal, non-verbal, oral or return this

Which is followed by good negotiation skills that can be formed by good understanding, good listening and good participation.

Appreciate everything small or big as it creates recognition and value. So appreciate every tiny achievement, failure, person, and success all around you.

Paraphrased from the reel.

Ask for help

Sitara Gavin

Ask for help. Ask for help when you need it, it is not a sign of weakness! When you are stuck in a project or running late or chasing deadlines, ask for help. And do it immediately, as waiting is not doing you any favours!

It is one of the hardest life skills to practice is asking for support and openly receiving it. Yet, this skill can make you a better person and a strong leader.

Paraphrased from the reel.

Build and leverage relationships

Prerna Wahi

Build and leverage relationships with peers, superiors and subordinates. This will help make connections beyond work and strengthen your position in the organization.

Paraphrased from the reel.

Be vocal and proud of your work

Piyusha Vir

Piyusha Vir asks everyone to be vocal about your work and learn how to do it right way. Yes, it is a competitive world, and to get credit for the work you rightfully deserve, you must be vocal.

Take advantage of every opportunity to highlight your strengths and expertise. Grab challenging opportunities and grow by talking about previous successes. If you don’t talk about it, who will?

Paraphrased from the reel.

Do you have more such corporate survival skill advices and stories to share? Please let us, so that we can keep building a community of diverse voices!

This article has been written with the help of Social Media Team of Women’s Web. Each of the advice have been paraphrased from the original reel video shared with us.

Image source: Rido free and edited on CanvaPro

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