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What Do IT Employers Look For When Hiring In India?

Ever wonder what IT companies look for when they are hiring people, especially in India? We have a list for you!

Ever wonder what IT companies look for when they are hiring people, especially in India? We have a list for you!

Every employer looks for finding potential candidates for tech companies, employers take their hiring process very seriously to hire talent not a liability. Every organization is adding technical recruits and technically sound HR experts to identify and secure candidates from hundreds of resumes or applicants.

Your resume is your passport to the coveted tech job. It is a sales proposition which highlights your experiences, qualifications, core skills, and capabilities. How you present yourself through your resume as well as physically is crucial to encourage IT employers to hire you.

When applying for an IT job, it will always help if you know what your employers are looking for.

Product knowledge

Depending on the type of job that you are applying for, employers will expect you to come with a broad range of product knowledge and experience.

They prefer not to hire employees in whom they would have to invest time and other resources in training. Highlight your expertise in industry-standard hardware and software such as McAfee, Cisco, Microsoft, LinkSys, NetGear, etc.

Systems Integration

Whether you are applying for an IT Management job or any other job for that matter, offer your expertise in systems integration.

With most companies employing more than one software application, there are higher risks of downtime due to conflicts in the system. It is important that you can help your employer seamlessly install, upgrade, add, and remove applications on a consistent basis.

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When IT employers look for technical proficiencies

When you are targeting Software & Application development, as well as IT Support positions you should have to add technical proficiencies such as Java, C++, C, Python, HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript. Whenever you are looking to target development positions in IT, information related to hardware, software, programming languages, and tools will be mentioned.

If you are targeting a senior-level position, the core focus should be on management skills such as IT projects, team management, process redesign, change management, and service delivery.

Getting hired in the IT industry is not easy, we should be fully prepared in terms of our professional documents such as Resume and Cover Letter.

Futuristic vision

When hiring IT professionals, employers are not only looking at your ability to meet their current demands, but also your capability to handle their future needs as and when they expand.

This way, they intend to ensure technical continuity and save on monies with respect to hiring and training new IT professionals in the future.

How available are you?

Even though you may not necessarily put in an 80-hour work week, employers may expect you to be available for support at any time of the day or night in case of technical glitches.

The employer as well as you may hope that one would not require your services in the wee hours of the morning, you should be exhibited that you are flexible and easily available, nonetheless.


In addition to being well-trained yourself, IT employers love it if you are able to show enthusiasm towards training your colleagues or subordinates.

Whether you are in charge of upgrading existing systems or installing new ones, you should also be in the position to train your colleagues in effectively using the systems you put in place.

Qualities and competencies required by employers for job candidates

Here are some of the top qualities that employers look for in job candidates:

Employers typically look for candidates who possess a combination of technical skills, relevant experience, and personal qualities that make them a good fit for the job and the company culture.

  • Technical skills: Employers love to see that candidates are credited with the technical skills and knowledge necessary to complete the assigned job duties.
  • Work experience: Relevant work experience is highly valued by employers as it demonstrates that the candidate has practical knowledge of the industry and the ability to apply their skills in a professional setting.
  • Communication skills: Candidates who can effectively communicate with co-workers, clients, and customers are highly sought after.
  • Problem-solving ability: Problem-resolution is required by all employers.
  • Teamwork: Candidates who can work effectively as part of a team are highly valued, as they can contribute to the success of the organization.
  • Adaptability: Employers seek candidates who are able to adapt to changes in the work environment, learn new skills quickly, and work effectively under pressure.
  • Leadership ability: Candidates who can lead and motivate others are highly valued, as they can help to inspire and guide their colleagues.
  • Positive attitude: Employers value candidates who have a positive and enthusiastic attitude, as they can contribute to a positive work environment and inspire their colleagues.
  • Professionalism: Employers look for candidates who are professional in their conduct and appearance, as this reflects well on the company.
  • Passion and drive: Candidates who demonstrate a strong passion for their work and a drive to succeed are highly valued, as they can help to motivate their colleagues and contribute to the success of the organization.


Finally, to be able to highlight these skills effectively, it is important that you are able to write an impressive resume. A survey suggests that about 80% of the candidates are rejected based on a poorly written cover letter or resume.

Your resume must come with a summary statement, a well-highlighted set of skills, some personal statistics and most importantly accurate information about your experiences.

You can also consider getting your resume written professionally to make sure you attract the best employers in the business.

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