Your Handy Guide To Writing A Great Resume As A Fresher!

As a fresher, looking to enter the workforce, writing an impressive resume is the first step. And this guide will help you do just that!

As a fresher, looking to enter the workforce, writing an impressive resume is the first step. And this guide will help you do just that!

Before you get an opportunity to meet a potential employer and create the desired first impression, your resume gets there to either make or break the deal. It describes your qualifications and what makes you worth hiring.

Essentially, everything you wish for your future employer to know and appreciate about you is enclosed in this one document and that’s why it must be written smartly and effectively.

First of all, let’s understand – “What does a good, well-crafted resume do?”

  • It attracts the attention of companies and recruiters.
  • The resume sells your talent, aptitude and strongest skills.
  • It shows that you’re a good potential employee to have onboard for position or project.
  • Basically, it wins you a chance at the interview.

What you need to know about writing a resume

As a new entrant into the workforce industry, it is stressful writing a resume because there is no solid work experience to showcase. You have to bank on your qualifications and your skill sets to bring you your very first job opportunity.

There are several factors to consider as a fresh employee starting up a job search, This includes things like how to spotlight education over experience on your resume.

Here’s a simple guide that can help you understand everything you need about writing a resume that effectively appeals to your dream companies. If it is your first resume writing experience, this guide will help you write a successful first resume.

Employers receive a plethora of resumes each day. However, for you to get a chance at that interview, you need to ensure you create a resume that stands out.

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Some strategies to help get your resume noticed

Here are three strategies that will get your resume noticed:

  • Position yourself as a skilled resource
  • Identify your plus points and sell them well
  • Highlight your achievements

Delve into extensive research that will help you be more precise in terms of organizations you wish to target. Next, to match your career objectives and qualifications to your potential employers’ requirements, you must focus on identifying the following:

  • The type of job you wish to target
  • Your potential employers’ needs
  • The career pathway you wish to carve

Once you’ve identified all of the above, you can start structuring your resume and while you do so, ensure that you include these sections:

  • Personal contact details
  • Objective
  • Educational background
  • Work experience (this can include internships or volunteering assignments)
  • Soft skills and other relevant proficiencies

But what happens after writing a great resume?

Once your resume is ready, you have to manage where it goes. You’ve invested time and effort to create a great resume. The next step is to get it into the hands of people who can hire you, or influence hiring decisions.  You may contact employers directly, establish connections through networking, or search on the web for opportunities.

To market your resume effectively, you need to:

  • Write impressive cover letters.
  • Begin networking on LinkedIn and other relevant social media platforms.
  • Post your resume across job search sites like,,, etc.

Also remember it is always helpful to place emphasis on your soft skills. Mention your GPA, include business networking profile links, and use professional language.

Formating is as important as the content in demonstrating your professionalism and eye for detail. Highlight the important stuff with bold, italics or upper case font. Your font style and size, and margins also create an impression on the employer’s sub-conscious mind.

It can be daunting to look for jobs that prefer experience in the field. However, sometimes employers also like to hire fresh new resources who want to learn and grow as opposed to the experienced ones. Knowing how to position yourself and convincingly sell what you can offer will make all the difference.

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