5 Tips For Remote Employees To Have Productive Career

Here are 5 tips for remote employees to have a productive career! Don't let work from home defuse your ambition and career aspirations!

Here are 5 tips for remote employees to have a productive career! Don’t let work from home defuse your ambition and career aspirations!

As the world is still battling with the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses focus on enforcing remote working for the long run. Many large corporations are now taking the bold step of giving their employees to work remotely.

Twitter, for instance, has allowed its employees to work indefinitely from their homes. Many of the industries such as IT are benefiting from remote working for quite some time now.

Many companies had the opportunity to hire remote developers from any part of the world. They took the chance, and that is the reason behind the exponential growth of their business. It is also why the IT industry was able to adapt to remote working much quickly and efficiently.

Meanwhile, many of us found it difficult to adjust initially, it worked out well for both the employees and employers with time. In these challenging and tough times, hire remote developers saves businesses from rent, bills, and many more.

On the other hand, employees are also reaping the benefits that the model is offering. They can now work from the comfort of their home and spend more time with their families.

Moreover, they are free from the hassle of going through long commute hours, saving both time and money.

5 Tips for remote employees to have a productive career

However, working from home means more and more distractions. There are fewer opportunities to communicate socially with coworkers and growing social isolation. These factors can all contribute to a decrease in productivity and efficiency.

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To address these issues, companies should look for better approaches to manage and communicate with workers, as well as provide more opportunities for employees to engage with one another.

Here are five strategies for keeping your team active when hiring remote developers helps you out with it.

Equip your team with the right tools

When it comes to remote working, the essential thing is to equip your team with the right tools and technologies. These tools are vital to improving the connectivity between your remote employees. Remote working can add a bit of stress on your employees. You would not want to mount up more pressure on them by getting them stuck in tech issues.

With new advancements coming in every day, it has become more than easy to coordinate with remote teams. Many tools can help you in communicating and assigning the groups with their relevant tasks.

Jira and Monday.com are just one of the tools that you can use for project management. You can easily assign the task to teams and individuals over there.

Also, you can monitor the progress of each project and get the update through these tools. This would save you time as you won’t have to disturb other people to know what is going on in the projects.

For communication, Skype and Slack are the most popular choices for people working remotely. It gives you the option to send and receive a message from someone instantly. Also, you can call someone individually or have a group call through it.

Moreover, it would be much better if you avoid using email. The traditional method is relatively slow and ineffective in front of the new techniques available now.

Check-in on your team from time to time

Face-to-face interaction can help reduce a lot of stress and anxiety among your employees. A small chat on the water cooler or lunch together can relieve a lot of pressure. But that is something not possible in remote working. However, this does not mean that you don’t check up on your employees from time to time.

Developing a regular check-in schedule is an effective way to establish goals and cultivate interactions. A session from time to time will do the job for you. This will motivate your workforce and eliminate some of the feelings of isolation.

Remote employees must be more proactive in building relationships that will help them advance in their careers. Interacting with colleagues outside the handful with whom you interact is difficult because there are no reasons to expand out.

Businesses can assist by giving networking opportunities and organizing activities to bind remote workers with one another.


The main reason why people like to work remotely is the flexibility they offer. They can easily manage their work schedules and take care of their matters. They don’t have to take time off work because of the flexibility of remote working.

As an employer, you should promote flexibility as long as it does not disturb its operations. Numerous studies show higher productivity for places that have the flexibility for their employees.

Dedicated workspace

Many of the remote workers find themselves working around the clock. They are unable to separate their work lives from their personal life. The main reason is that they work in their bedroom and are constantly disturbed by their family members.

For a productive career, it is vital that you create a separate workspace from your living area. It should be dedicated entirely to your work and must be away from your bedroom. This way, you can avoid any sort of disturbances that can dent your performance.

Also, set proper working hours to make sure you are working for specific hours only. After the time has ended, you can simply move away from your workstation and enjoy the rest of your day.

By following this method, you can work with total commitment and focus.

Non-Work activities and team building should not be overlooked

Last but not the least, this is something that should not be overlooked. Now, working interactions should be encouraged and facilitated by the employers. The reason behind it is that it helps people know about other people they are working with.

Moreover, it can help them relieve stress and feel a much better connection with each other. A virtual happy hour should be more than enough. Happy hours are a great team-building exercise, and a remote setting should not restrict you from doing it.

You can also have a session where people can simply talk about their passions, hobbies, anything apart from work.

Wrapping up

While the world is still fighting the pandemic, remote working has come in as a blessing in disguise. For many of us, working from our home with our family is more important than anything. And that is why hiring remote developers is gaining popularity day by day.

Working remotely presents specific obstacles as well as appealing advantages. Employees and managers must put forth effort in terms of coordination, collaboration, and time management. However, remote work will prove to be a progressively advantageous type of employment with the right resources and attitude.

If we look from a business’s perspective, remote working has helped them to become sustainable in this time of uncertainty. Many are now considering adopting remote working as a permanent working environment.

And why not?

The remote employee hiring cost is much lower than hiring on-site employees, plus there are tons of more benefits.

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