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Problematic Party Anthems: 6 Times When Badshah Preached Harassment of Women

Such songs by men usually glorify toxic masculinity and are all about disregarding women's consent and agency, and Badshah is one of those - time to call out such songs.

TW: Sexual Harassment and violence against women, and may be triggering for survivors.

I’m not even going to put in the video links as I do not want to give him more clicks.

1.) DJ Waale Babu (2015)

“Hukum chala request na kar.
Naachi ja, baby rest na kar.
Patient hu tere husn ka,
Patience meri test na kar.”

Meaning: Keep dancing without resting or else I’ll get angry.

Message to abusers: Let’s intimidate women to do something by mentioning how aggressive we are. Their discomfort shouldn’t matter to us.

2.) Buzz (2018)

“…hai maana tu hai sick.
Jahaan se hona chahiye wahi se hai tu thick.
Na nazron mai aa, na mujhe to dikh.
Mai todoonga dil tera, le kahi tu likh.”

Meaning: I understand that you’re sick, but you’re thick in the right places. Don’t show your face to me because I am sure I will break your heart.

Message to abusers: Even if a woman is unwell, she has to please us if we find her curvaceous body erotic. However, if she clings to us after that, we are entitled to break her heart.

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3.) Tareefan (2018)

“Baby, let’s go right now.
Dekho mujhe wait na karao.
Lak tera lean, baatein teri mean.
Dieting pe hai to kyu khaati bhao?
Hor das kinniya tareefan chaidi ae tennu?”

Meaning: Listen, don’t make me wait. Your stomach might be lean, but your words sound mean. How many more compliments do you need?

Message to abusers: If we compliment a woman, she has to sleep with us immediately (Gosh! We can’t wait). Girls try to look attractive just for our attention, so if they refuse to sleep with us, they’re acting pricy and are being mean.

PS: This film was supposed to be centered around four women. And yet…

4.) Bad Boy (2019)

“I know you want it.
I know you need it.
Teri aankhon mai likha hai sab kuchh.
Baby I can read it.”

Meaning: I can see in her eyes that she wants it.

Message to abusers: Let’s take a woman’s consent for granted. We are within our rights to assume that she wants it as much as we do.

5.) Paagal (2019)

“Garmi kitni tujh mein,
Roti khaati tu kis aate ki?
Haath lagaao dekhe aise jaise kaategi.
Ye ladki paagal hai, paagal hai, paagal hai, paagal hai”

Meaning: What does she eat to look this attractive? When I touched her, she looked at me as if she would bite me. She is crazy.

Message to abusers: A woman voices her discomfort after you inappropriately touch her is crazy. Make her question her reactions by repeatedly calling her crazy.

6.) Sheher ki Ladki (2019)

“Figure pe teri sab marte hain.
Scan poora tujhe karte hain.
Lambi lambi saasein bharte hain.
But, touch karne se darte hain.”

Meaning: Everyone considers your figure to be so attractive that they scan you from top to bottom. They sigh because they can’t touch you.

Message to abusers: You can sexualise a woman and stare at her in an uncomfortable manner. If she is unattainable, you must voice your frustrations regarding how you couldn’t feel her body parts (which you just scanned).

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