A Flight That Made Me Realize The Significance Of Food!

Seeing food being wasted on flights aches my heart, there are still so many people in our country who cannot afford a meal a day!

I visited Bangalore through Air India and during this journey, something caught my attention and I thought to write about it.

Food is one of the most important things in our life. It is basically the thing we work for. Keeping aside all the wants and luxuries in life, food is perhaps the most important as it is required for our survival. During my two way trip, I saw my co-passengers wasting food. I am sure we all are aware of how difficult it is to have food onboard. There is so much hard work behind it from cooking to packaging to bringing it to flight finally to the passengers.

I don’t know what people expect to be served on a flight

While travelling to Bangalore from Delhi, there was a young couple sitting adjacent to me. Since it was a morning flight, breakfast was served to us. It was a pretty decent meal – a coleslaw sandwich, a vada accompanied by vegetable curry, a corn patty and a piece of chocolate brownie. Honestly, I had the meal and the taste was reasonable but the couple beside me took one spoon of each and then left saying salt is less, there is no taste, it’s cold and many other things too.

I mean – you can say NO directly before taking the meal, at least someone else can have it. I don’t know what people expect to be served on a flight; Butter Chicken, Paneer, Dal Makhani and Naan. Seriously, it really annoyed me. I am not judging anyone here but I guess we all should understand how lucky we are to have food, a couple of times a day.

I have realized that wasting even a small grain of food is a sin

A similar thing happened to me while I was going back to Delhi. A woman and her daughter were sitting beside me. Lunch was served to us as it was an afternoon flight. What the woman did was really appreciable. She only took 2 things that she could eat and said no to the rest of the dishes on the plate. On the contrary, the daughter took the whole meal and did not eat it. I guess the mother can understand the importance of food and she showed it too.

I have witnessed such incidents earlier too but why I felt like sharing it now is because I have realized that wasting a small grain of food is a sin. I saw a post on social media where a father and his 3 years old daughter were doing a roadshow. They were performing a balancing act. He was holding a long stick and his daughter was on the top. The only difference between the father and daughter was hunger. Be grateful for the food you are getting and try not to waste any of it!!

Image source: Still from short film Just Eat It by MACHO India


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