Does Marriage Take Away Your Freedom?

While it's essential to spend quality time with your partner, it's much more important to give each other some me-time and much-needed space as well.


Any guy or girl in their mid-twenties has to undergo the societal pressure of ‘settling down’. It is the ultimate motive of every Indian parent.

But lately we have been seeing a lot of young people delaying marriage or preferring a ‘live-in relationship‘. The reason given- we don’t want to give up on our freedom after marriage. Is it true? Does marriage really take away your freedom?

Does marriage take away your freedom?

Well, when you are single, your plans with your girl gang doesn’t depend on anyone. Whether it’s a movie date or a shopping outing with your girls, you don’t have to take into consideration any other person’s approval. This scenario changes after marriage.

One needs to keep the spouse informed especially if you have kids. This is especially true for Indian women who unfortunately totally give up on such social outings keeping their family first. The level of frustration keeps on increasing with less social life and more and more responsibilities adding. This frustration is more evident in-home makers who selflessly dedicate their whole time to family putting behind their happiness and needs.

So, in reality marriage doesn’t take away your freedom but yes it does affect your decision making to some extent. Before making any plan where you want to pamper just yourself you definitely need to consider a lot of things. However, this can really work if there is a good level of understanding between the spouses.

Setting healthy boundadies in a marriage is essential! 

While it is very essential to have some quality time with your partner for that relationship to work, it is much more important to give each other some me-time and some much-needed space as well. While staying together, you both can still pursue your hobbies and interests and maintain your own friend circle. 

This way both will not feel bound to each other and it will actually make you both happy. A marriage is in between equals. By placing restrictions on your spouse just because you don’t like few things will actually increase frustration between the couple and suffocate the other person.

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Setting healthy boundaries and deciding where your individual freedom ends and accountability towards each other begins needs to be worked on. That way you can stay married and yet enjoy your freedom.

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