The Woman I Am!

A heartfelt poem about the journey of being a woman! 'I have created life and I have nurtured souls, I have met some, missed some and created more life-goals.'




The Woman I Am!

I look back in the journey of time I see a carefree girl with a pure smile.

She is happy and adventurous and roams the wild path, Oh, if she really knew she has to face life’s wrath.

But I am a woman, no more that girl, a woman who has seen it all,

I have fought, loved, won and lost, I have done things I’d have never thought.

Living the life of a woman is full of challenges, smiles, tears and bravery

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I have been held high, admired and adored,

I have been shredded to pieces, hated, and ignored.

I have won hearts, I have let many down, I wear my scars of soul and body, like a crown.

I have made friends, I have made foes, some people I thought as friends, I have let them go.

I have created life, and I have nurtured souls, I have met some, missed some, and created more life goals.

I have travelled the world and connected with strangers, I have learned that too much attachment can be a danger.

I have gained weight and have had no time for makeup, but I am a better person with more patience and peace when I wake up.

At peace with my wrinkles, the undone eyebrows, the stretch marks, and the frizz, my life is not about a pretty face, but my achievements, my work, and my dreams.

I have lived different roles and wore different masks, smiled through worries, and cried happy tears, and I know that I am more than the beauty that often wears.

I am the woman who has been tested through time, have passed few but failed more in sublime.

I long to be the free girl but I know I am a better person now, I am a woman who knows that life is about whys and not about the hows.


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