Fluttering Heart Of A Bride

A good marriage allows both partners to live their respective lives with each other while maintaining their individuality.


A good marriage allows both partners to live their respective lives with each other while maintaining their individuality.

Beads of hope form on her forehead as she enters a new relation. A pinch of shyness and a few apprehensions she hides behind her smiles. A fresh start or a newlywed, every bride carries a big bunch of dreams and desires.

On your slender toes, walk the extra miles.

Go grab those changes fluttering in life.

Send some love, give some warmth,

Let it breathe, some air it needs.

Then gently bring out the opportunities lurking behind many layers.

We belong to the proud times where involvement and adjustments are expected from both partners in a relation. This is the transformation phase where the most are happily part of, but few are reluctant to adapt to the changes. Both strive incessant to keep the pendulum swinging.

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Feminism, misogynist and many such terms we come across, but let’s leave the phrases that categorize. Today the majority speaks the same language, of humanity, of sharing responsibility, of respecting each other, of letting the person live their life. A good marriage allows both partners to live their respective lives with each other while maintaining their individuality.

The fluttering heart of a bride

I move amidst the spread of tulips

with my heart clenched in my fist,

a bit hesitant, a bit hopeful.

While the wind whispers tales

of chances and second glances,

I quietly fill a teaspoon of trust.

Sun blushes with scarlet cheeks

and skies are smeared with orange smiles.

My spirits are warm now

and my nerves calm.

A stream of faith flows through me.

I take small steps of courage,

few towards you,

few away from black holes and violet scars

from the past.

The beauty of future is visible in its slight glamour.

I feel an inch closer.

I feel an ounce stronger.

My fingers tremble less

as i secretly write a new wish today.

I am sure to find my bit of faith

in whistling winds and shining stars,

and in their humble intentions.

A woman doesn’t wish to spend quiet hours in wishful thinking alone. She takes the initiatives without hesitation and steers the relation. She is willing to teach, she is willing to lead.  She doesn’t shy away from conversations which were classified as hush hush once. She does it with dignity, she does it with poise.

While there exists

an ocean of feelings to discover,

let’s begin with dampening our feet first.

Feel the vastness,

the ever prevailing freshness.

Fill it into your lungs,

and keep your spirits warm.

Listen, love, the ocean speaks to you.

The sound, with all the magic in it,

still lingers in my ear from my last visit.

It feels like a decade, it feels just yesterday.

My feet still tingle at the mention.

The Walk by the sea, among the waves

is beyond you and me.

Put your feet in water now,

and walk while your toes grind the sand.

Do it with me once, love.

Do you feel me by your side?

I hear the drumming of your heart.

Or is it the blues of the rising wave?

Take a whiff.

You will find me around,

as the salt in the water.

Ever present, ever solvent.

The sea screams to be explored,

so does something between us.

She is caring. She is nurturing.  She pulls up a barricade if need be. She builds the bridges where required. She is the strongest guide. She comforts and cajoles at low times. She is aware of the importance of physical, mental and emotional health.

Come to me, love,

Let’s tell tales of longing and belonging,

Let’s be home to each other.

From initial hesitance to taking initiatives to offering emotional support, a woman flows seamless as the burbling streams

You are the light, you are the torch bearer.

You are the path, you are the shelter.

Grow a bit every day. Grow magnificent.

Let not thyself stand still while

the mountains don’t stop at being Mighty.

More power to you, Woman.

Let the world never cease to see your magic.

Image source: pixabay

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